The Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) made history again when it became the first Bootcamp in Malaysia that conducts the warming up session for 3,200 runners at the Malakoff Run 2012 on Sunday, 16 December 2012. The Chief's Original Bootcamp was represented by the COBC owners themselves Dr Malek Aziz and Armin Baniaz pahamin accompanied by their lead instructor Sarge (COBC) Tom, Sarge (COBC)  Nawal, Sarge (COBC) Wan, Sarge (COBC) Chun, Corporal (COBC) Azmir, L. Corporal (COBC) Amir, L. Corporal (COBC) Affiq and the two Admins Farhanah Bamadhaj and Rose Emini Pahamin. The COBC booth was manned by the Reds, Blues and senior Greys and attended by thousands. The prominent grey spotted at the Booth were Afiza Abdul Halin, Maslina Ahmad Ismail, Sabrina, Stephanie Choong, Suzila Borhan, Han Lian, James Lee, Zaidi Ahmad but there were alot more COBC Greys that made the event more meaningful.

COBC is proud to collaborate with the Malakoff Run as part of our Corporate Social responsibility and in our effort to promote a healthy lifestyle the Military-Inspired way. As part of our collaboration, we conducted the warming up session for the runners to prepare them for the run. Our tomahawk haircut, commando-built lead instructor, Sarge Tom in his deep military and a strong voice projection took-over the microphone and led the crowd into a massive bootcamp-style group session after being introduced by the event Masters of Ceremony Kannan Murugasan and Adelle. Kannan M. was the man that brought me into Ironman triathlon and Powerman dualthon some 10 years ago.

With such a large crowd, COBC utilizes some of its most experience senior instructors with the ranking of Sergeants and its corporals to control the crowd.

Sneak preview of the warming up session was seen as follows:

Spotted at the race was Yum Kin Kok aka Mr Koko bear whom became our paparazzi!!

My iPhone 4s too was fully utilized to capture this historic moment when COBC conducts the warming up for 3,200 runners.

After the warming up session, the run was flagged off by Malakoff Corporation Berhad Chief Executive Officer, Zainal Abidin Jalil at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. The whole town was then painted with fuchsia, the colour theme of Malakoff Run 2012.

Spotted my sister-in-law.. Marina Alias Ali aka Along whom had only recently adopted running.

Whole town was painted fuschia, Malakoff's choice for this year running colour theme.

Spotted Malakoff Assistant Vice President, Yusop Rashid also a COBC bootcamper. With this collaboration, we trust the whole Malakoff will be converted a 'COBC Bootcamper'.

 The COBC team at the Booth.

 From Left (back): LC Amir, Sarge Wan, Dr Malek Aziz, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Rose Emini Pahamin, Sarge Chun. (Sitting, from left): LC Affiq, Sarge Nawal, Sarge Tom.

Some snapshots at the event...

After the run, we demonstrated some workout with the battling ropes etc for the benefit of the runners

Some runners even tried the battling ropes.

One of the best event we've participated. Well Done Malakoff, Great Job Quick Release and excellent team work COBC team & all recruits