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When we talk about a bootcamp fitness program, nothing can rival Chief Brabon and Gunny Brabon 23 years old program at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia (COBC) or commercially known as the Original Bootcamp (OBC) in Australia. The duo founded the OBC in 1999 from what was first a camp to slim down the wives (at their request) of the goddess looking Royal Australian Army. Chief customized the army training program for those wives and it became so popular their friends began to take part and today, from just a platoon of wives, it has expanded across 50 locations in Australia and 6 locations in Malaysia.

The program was further researched and various events were organized to keep recruits motivated while maintaining their training momentum. In Malaysia, the Military-Corporation aka Military Corp (pronounced as Military Kor) codenamed MC12 (Military Corp12 session) had trained more than 5,000 recruits since its establishment less than 3 years ago and the next most successful program launched under OBC/COBC stable was the 8 Week Challenge where a challenge was thrown to all recruits to transform their health and physique into their dream body in just 8 weeks. Those challengers with the best transformation, will receive a reward RM15,000 as the grand prize for the the Grand Champion. In addition to the overall champion, Malaysia Champion received a New Balance Voucher worth RM3,000.

Beside the Military Corp and the 8 Week Challenge, in Australia, there are three (3) other programs that became the talk of town every time it was organized namely, the Longest Day, the Hell's Week and Spec Ops (aka Special Operations). What is the Longest Day? This is the subject for this blog, specially request by 8WC Summer-2013 Subang Jaya Champion Sui Lynn.

The Longest Day was first introduced in 2011 and it was limited to only 52 participants-by-invitation per event . This was intentionally done to maintain the quality of the event and to make it exclusive. Only the best 52 applicants will be approved to participate. Thusfar, there is no recruit from Malaysia that had successfully participated and complete the Longest Day challenge. In 2012, one of our former instructor Daing was invited and had completed the challenge making him the first Malaysia instructor to have completed the challenge but that is expected of Chief's instructor. At the point of writing, there is still no one recruit that was invited to participate. The participation is by invitation only. Rumours have it, COBC instructors are currently grooming a few Deltas to take part in the challenge. Recruits will be nominated by their local lead instructor, having met all physical and motivational standards that are required. Recruits were not only judge on their physical ability but also on their mental fortitude.

The Longest Day event is a continuous 25 hours of bootcamp'ing!! Non-stop?!! ...almost!! The Longest Day was created to give civilians an insight into the level of physical and mental fortitude required to be a Special Forces soldier without having to commit to military service.

It began immediately the moment the bus transporting the participant arrived at the destination. They were greeted by instructors whom were either formerly infantry soldiers and/or some still serving soldiers. They were greeted with endless knocked on the bus door, followed by screaming and cursing army-style for all participants to get off the bus. Once everybody were off the bus, they were given a last call to retreat but if they are determine to proceed, they all must cross a line drawn which by then, there will be no turning back. 

From the bus stop, everyone had to run in a group a mile into the base camp. At the basecamp, there was a bed with a small packet of food comprising biscuits, baked beans, corn, jelly and a water bottle. That’s all they had to last them the whole 25 hours. Every year, the program changes to incorporate the COBC's mysterious unknown and unexpected program that is intense and grueling but it is also enjoyable and full of surprises. During the longest day 2013, recruits only had approximately 10-15 minutes break in total for the whole 25 hours. The most that anyone was able to sleep was a heavenly 2 lots of 15 minutes.

At the Longest day, all finishers and graduates are Champions. There is no ranking of number 1, 2 and so forth but the finishers will received 2 Finisher T'shirt which they can then wear at any COBC/OBC platoon as a badge of honor. With a total of less than 100 finishers since 2011 that has the bragging right, the event became one of the most grueling and prestige event that any civilian can actually target as a personal achievement.

Below are some of the snapshots during the 25 hours Longest Day event.

The pictures follows the sequence of event from start to the 25th hour (click on picture to enlarge).

Reporting for duty at the basecamp.
Military-Inspired, everyone must be in Grey army tshirt.

It all began with warming up and stationary workout.

Then a run to the next battle station.

At the next station, the instructor led by Chief Brabon himself gave out the next instruction.

From the basecamp, to the first station, recruits were then led to the third station to further test the strength and stamina.

Janis Lim and Chee Yee Law's favorite bear walk!!

Hah... the first 1 minute break!! or was it 30 seconds..

The fourth circuit!!

Imagine having to piggy bag comrade Fazli!

Leapord crawl??!! Andy Wong's favorite!!

Legs are so not my department! Afiza Abdul Halin's department!

 Err.. my sub-department..! The abs..

Corporal Amir's department!! Cardio Cadence aih?

Swimming? Our DHZ Otai Kym Wishnowski's deparment..

Their mock rifle looks sexier than ours! Running to the next station.

There are various military-style obstacle!!  

Main lubang wor!!!


Looks interesting!!

If only we could do relay.. one station to the other.. on relay!

Typical COBC DNA.. we never leave any team members behind!! those that finishes earlier, will wait for others on stationary workout..

Once everybody arrives, next stop..... underwater?!!

Next stop!!! Tarzan!!!

As always.. we never leave any team members behind at COBC!

Only when everybody arrive that the platoon continued the challenge.

More animal logic!! Bugs bunny??!! 

That looks like Grunt Jump?!!! Poh Ow Ee's department!!

Those that finishes early... will wait for others in pushup position! and they are expected to motivate each those that have not completed.

30 seconds breathing break?

Limbo rock pun ada?

Pushup position while waiting for others..

Pushups position again.. waiting period?

Or maybe punishments .. That look like Sarge Wan's favorite pusnishment.


This event separate the men and the boys and the boys to the err.. ladies? Exhausted is an understatement. The thought of giving up is knocking on the door..

But it did not get easier...

Finally.... it ended!! 25 gruelling hours!!

The finisher certificate and t'shirt presentation..

From 52 participants, only how many graduated?

The Longest Day workout was broken down, modified and extended into our May intake.. Those that is participating in May, will have a sneak preview of what its like to participate in the Longest Day (maybe err... 5%). Any recruit who feels that they have the right mindset to complete the Longest Day and wishes to train for it, please write in to Remember, participation is only By-Invitation.



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