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1 March 2010... 36 years ago in a small hut somewhere in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, a pretty young, lovely, charming and caring mother gave birth to a cute, adorable and handsome son...... Me. She was a teacher and dad was the State Development Officer in Negri Sembilan in 1974.

Mother was only 24 years old... still hot & adorable then and still is now at 62 years of age. Too hot that less than a year later.... Melor Edina Pahamin was born depriving my quality time with mother. Dad!!!!!

Mother and dad was not the only one that was the happiest when I was born but Chempaka Emalin Pahamin, the eldest too could not keep her hand off me. She would take me everywhere to play.. even to share her teddy bear.. (Eeek.. ). Chempaka Emalin has always been the household story-teller and sometimes we were stuck at the dinner table for hours listening to her stories.. If she does not tell tale, she will nag and nag.. (stick tongue out). ...but we do enjoy the tale (big smile).

This sister... Melor Edina Pahamin whom is only 11 months younger than me is the most 'Manja' in the family. Now all her 4 children inherited her character (slap my forehead, aiyoo).

When we were growing up, Melor was the closest to me being only a few months apart.. and could not understand why we had to be in separate class everytime we went to school. When we moved to Petaling Jaya from Kedah in 1986, I brought her on her first day at school when Dad and Mum had to attend to my other siblings and in that year almost beaten  up a guy who paid interest in her. Was so over-protective, I was 12 years old then. She was always with me until I left for London. I will visit her almost weekly while she was studying the International Baccallaureate in some jungle @ Banting. Then she left to live in another jungle @ the University Aberythswyth, Wales which I frequented but not as regular as when she was in Banting. I did not know how she survived in Aber until I found out later, that she was not there alone.. she had Rhiza Ghazi.. now the beloved and gentlement husband. No wonder she can easily fit in our house in some jungle @ Penchala.. she had good training in Banting and Aber.

Then in 1979..... Dr Teratai Edithy was born... Hmm.. yesss.. thats her (in the left picture).. the Bulat'est baby.. but now she is already slim... I think.

Now there's four of us... This sister, at the youngest age, always took care of us. When she was young, before she learn to prescribe medicine and diagnosing sickness as a doctor, she will always serve us 'seniors' food.... Eerr...Is that bullying?

When I was first admitted in General Hospital for Leukaemia, she was the only one that jumped to hug me and cried profusely screaming don't leave her, thinking that I am going to die. Other siblings probably secretly cried in the toilet.

In 1982.. came this sweet small adorable sister (on mum's lap)... Rose Emini Pahamin whom had grew up to became a certified accountant... but not the typical 'Square-Type' accountant. The party type of accountant.

Rose Emini was my not only my life Saviour being the Bone-marrow donor for my bone marrow transplant but she is now my partner's in crime!!! in most of the things that we do...!!!! yaa.. we are more or less of the same age now. Sometimes, I think she is older when she 'burn-out' faster than me (big grin).

Then came the youngest in the family.. Amnan Bazli born in 1985... some party animal whom are now happily enjoying his life in London.

When he was at school........ I had to rescue him many times from the school disciplinary teacher and from some gang-fight. Sheeesh.. I wanted to scold and beat him up for his notoriety but... I was like that too. So I am sure he will grow out of it... hopefully soon.

On my birthday today....... I am thankful beyond word to Dad, Mum and Sibilings whom had showered me with so much care, love and affection. I could not help but to smile and laugh reminiscing our growing up moment and what we grew up to become. Family values is indeed priceless. To grow up and be surrounded by loving and caring family members is God-gift. We had our fair share of sacrifices when growing up which I will forever reminisce and cherish.

Nawal Aini Zulkifli, whom tirelessly and patiently stood by me with all the flaw and sickness that a man can have and to bear me with the most adorable Aaraf Armin, only Allah swt can ever repay the loyalty, commitment and sacrifices. She bake for Dad, Melor and me her signature home-made chocolate birthday cake which... ironically, destroyed my well-preserved diet... its impossible to resist!!

I am grateful too, to be showered with wonderful friends and closest of relatives. Relatives and Friends whom asked for nothing except friendship and relationship. Relatives and Friends whom would stood through thick and thin and through happiness and sorrow. Relatives and Friends whom unite as one family.

To all relatives and friends whom took the trouble to buy presents & gifts, cards, email, sms, called and drop me a note to wish me a Happy and Merry Birthday....... I appreciate the gesture and will remember your kind prayer, Doa and greetings. To name a few.......

1. Joyce Choo
2. Cynthia Gan
3. Fazila Md Nor
4. Dr Malek Aziz
5. Farhanah Bamadhaj
6. Hajjah Zaharah Abu Johan
7. Abu Lais Walli Mohamed
8. Azad Jasmi
9. Chun CHia Kai SSJ
10. Amy Ho
11. Rosliza Abdul Rahim
12. Danial Ismail
13. Aisan Lim
14. Suriana Saiful
15. Natasya Foo
16. Ika Fasfik
17. Khu Fasfik
18. Rhiza Ghazi
19. Azhar Sulaiman
20. Anita Ahmad
21. Simran Latiff
22. Jackson Liew
23. Teratai Edithy
24. Steven-Porche
25. Adibah KLB
26. Johan Nasir
27. Khairin Norian
28. Yazri Yatin
29. Raja Rahman Raja Mansor
30. Kenny Smith
31. Rose Emini Pahamin
32. Aliaa Anuar
33. Adc Tirak
34. Sharifah Faridah
35. Zafrul Ismail
36. Peter Tan
37. Mohd Azman
38. Azuati Mahmud
39. Kimi Yusoff
40. Anaz Ahmad Tajuddin
41. Rafiq Zulkifli
42. Azhar Pawanteh
43. Syam Zazali
44. Shamsul K. Ariffin
45. Vivien Luyen Ow
46. Imraz Iqbal
47. Dom Abdullah
48. Jeffry Ramli
49. Lynna Ahmad
50. Bee Eu
51. Johan Brian Melling
52. Nyna Mohsen
53. Hjh Noriha
54. Wan Haslina Sepwan
55. Al Jazzura Khan
56. Wan Jaslina Sepwan
57. Erman Khalid
58. Syazrina Sabri
59. Wai-Yee Chan
60. Alex Nathan
61. Hasnul Hadi Shamsudin
62. Syazana Amran
63. Zaireen Kamar
64. Shobha Bala
65. Tricia Especkerman
66. Jaja Shazareen
67. Shammy Ooi
68. Wan Anwar Rahman
69. Arzi Ziber
70. Fakhrur Rozi
71. M Rizwan Khan
72. Alia Arwina Izyani Azani
73. Mas Mutalib
74. Diane Kamar
75. Cahaya Iman
76. Mah Jon Wei
77. Danial Ismail
78. Khairiah Mohd Yusof
79. Suloshini Jahanath
80. Gordon Nonis
81. Roopi Rampal
82. Shahrul Izzuddin
83. Lulu Cattywampus
84. Doya Hashim
85. Shuhida Mat Noor
86. Amy Shazwin
87. Nik Aidil Marina Nik Sapeia
88. Reena Zuhdi Tan
89. Stephanie Lai
90. Daing Daniel Fitri
91. Zain Ahmad
92. Tay Eng Tiong
93. Dato Faizal Dato Musa
94. Adlin Fatin
95. Melati Enida
96. Tomi Soetjipto
97. Ahmad Hussein
98. Shamil Tan
99. Fauzi Zainol
100. Zaiem Razak
101. Calvin Kok
102. Ili Liyana Baharon
103. Ehwan Edin
104. Amir Ibrahim
105. Hamiza Hamzah
106. Kugan Vyravanathan
107. Erni Abdul Rahman
108. Adlin Azman
109. Danil Dahlan
110. Mohd Faizal Ramli
111. Azlyn Abidin
112. Asri Othman
113. Mohd Sharif
114. Shahnun Ag
115. Adila Anuar
116. Norewani Daud
117. Shen Wei
118. Khamarul Ariffin
119. Oyin Nazlin
120. Mimie Abdul Hamid
121. Kok Pooi Hoe
122. Wan Rizaluddin Abdullah
123. Amnan Bazli Pahamin
124. Lena Giles
125. Rose Norerainey
126. Shahira Anuar
127. Wan Rozana Aziz
128. Reza Seth
129. Peggy Hoegh
130. Foong Pak Chee
131. Micheal Reyes
132. Megaa Velayuthan
133. KK Lim Jackspeed
134. Angela Foo
135. Syed Mahadzir Syed Manshor
136. Diyana Anuar
137. Amir Raslan Abu Bakar
138. Masrina Muhammad Russel
139. Nik Aidil Maria Nik Sapeia
140. Natassya Lee
141. Abdul Razak Abdul Aziz
142. Farizul Hazli Baharom
143. Carol Jacobson
144. Farrah Vivien Raguet
145. Maria Hisham
146. Chai Soo Pey
147. Shera Ann
148. Sabrina Sabri
149. Heng JP
(my apology if I missed out any others... )

My apology if I could not reply to all the Greetings sent... but I do appreciate your kind thought to remember me on my birthday. Thank you.

From where I was, I never thought to see and celebrate another birthday. Until next year Insya Allah, take care of yourself and stay healthy.

When I was in SRK Kampung Tunku Primary school many many years ago, I always signed schoolmate's autograph book with F.R.A.N.C.E.... which means Friendship Remain And Never Can End... I am signing off with the same FRANCE.... You are the best!!

See: 2009 Birthday.
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  1. The best birthday blog I ever read.. Bravo..!!

  2. Well BLOG bro.......U R T B...Still Anonymous....

  3. Armin,
    your blog make me laugh, smile and now intears. I love reaidng your blog. It is very inspiring

  4. Hepi bday abang,
    i like ur blog and oso to learn english. semuga hepi always. saya sebak baca cara abang nulis. I luv my family more after read dis. -zana

  5. Wonderful blog, a touching one, with down-the-memory-lane write ups... May you & your loved ones be blessed with great health all the time. God bless you!

  6. Anonymout URTB,
    I know who you are... Thank you.

    Thank you.. Stay tune always.. :-)

    Terima Kasih. Sesungguhnya, kasih dari keluarga adalah segala-galanya.

    Soo Pey,
    Thank you Soo Pey for the lovely prayer. May you too have a blissful life.

  7. Please indulge me and tell me how's a 100+ a few? anyway, i agree with Zaiem. Best birthday blog I've read =)

  8. i can feel the L-O-V-E....

    I pray for ALLAH's continous Divine Barakah upon you and your family...

    Barakallahu fi ka wa usratuka ya ahki...anta jayyid jiddan...MashaALLAH!

  9. San,
    I am grateful and blessed with the friends that remembered my birthday.

    thank you for the Doa and prayer... May Allah swt blessed you and your doa for me. Amin.

  10. omg i made the list! ;) hope u will have many more to come!

    (love the anecdote above...u should write a memoir and book it)



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