Recruits at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia (COBC) spend the public holiday in conjunction with Malaysia Day today with a Matrix to the Max workout. Today is the 7th session, September intake and the program focuses on metabolic conditioning, muscular endurance and cardio. Yes, instructors at COBC works on Malaysia Day, public holiday and even on weekend whenever there is a scheduled workout session in rain, hail or shine... except when there is lightning. Yes also, the focus and intensity of a workout program for each session differs.

Today also marked the 16th day of the 8 Weeks to Wow (8W2W) challenge and if you have done any one of the past 4 challenges, you would have noticed the changes in the inferno program especially in the list of food allowed. The program at COBC whether the monthly (Military Corp, Spec Ops) or half annually (8W2W formerly known as 8 Weeks Challenge or 8WC) or the annual program (the Longest Day, Hell Week etc) continuously evolve. While we are working out, Chief Brabon, Gunny Hames and a whole team of experts in Australia continuously research, develop and seek to improve our program to make sure everyone's target and aim is achieved and optimized. The energy and spirit of each and every recruit that made up the platoon will make sure we are always motivated and would not go off-track. The instructors in Red, as you would know by now, accept nothing less than 100% and above of effort in every session.

This combination- the evolving program, the food, the continuous injection or rather, scream of motivation (by recruits like Megan Lok, Harun, Janis and Poh Ow Ee today), the consistency (adopted with the ACE) and the 110% effort reached out by the instructors is what COBC is all about and felt under the command of platoon commander Corporal (COBC) Amir and assisted by Corporal Jake, the Bandar Utama Alpha (BUA) platoon today.

BUA misses our regular platoon commander Staff Sarge (COBC) Nawal today whom is recovering from her ultra distance race, 50km at the recent Singapore Sundown International Ultra Marathon. Staff Sarge together with Chun Chia Kai aka Sarge (COBC) Chun and recruit Chee Yee Law, Muzaffar Bahir and Shazny Az tagged team to complete the mentally challenging and energy draining ultra marathon. While Staff Sergeant Nawal, Chee Yee Law, Muzaffar Bahir and Shazny Az race the ultra marathon on team relay, Sarge Chun completed the 100km solo.

To the Ultra Marathoners... HOOYAH, Syabas and Well Done!! You all are the true meaning of inspiration.

While Staff Sergeant Nawal and Sarge Chun became an Ultra marathoners over the weekend, our mentor Chief Brabon also one of the founder of COBC won Bronze (3rd placing) at the National 50km Athletics Championship and 2nd in AURA Championship (See HERE). WELL DONE +James Brabon !!

Whatever you want to do.. Do it with COBC. The positive hip community where ordinary people achieve extra ordinary result.