In just 3 months, we shall bid farewell to 2013 and the new year began. Have we accomplished our target for 2013? In my world, I know a few people who did with flying colours!!

For one, 2013 gave birth to a few Ultra-marathoners!! Ultra marathoners are defined by those who ran or walk further than the traditional full marathon distance of 42.195km (see wiki). This year, four from the Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia fraternity, ran and completed an ultramarathon. They were Nawal Aini Zulkifli aka Staff Sarge (COBC) Nawal, Chee Yee Law (Bandar Utama Alpha), Muzzafar Bahir (Damansara Heights Zulu) and Shazny Az (Damansara Heights Zulu). Surprisingly, the Ultramarathon run was Chee Yee's and Muzzafar's maiden long distance run. The longest they both have ran before was only 21km. Chun Chia Kai aka Sarge (COBC) Chun completed his longest 100km ultra marathon. They all did it at the Singapore Sundown Ultramarathon.

Among the achievers who ran a full marathon this year were Siti Shuhidah Zainal Rashid aka Shuhid (Singapore Sundown Marathon May 2013) (Bandar Utama Bravo), David Ong (Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur International Marathon "SCKLM") (Bandar Utama Alpha), Harun Osman (SCKLM) (Damansara Heights Zulu), Johan Affendi (SCKLM) (Damansara Heights Zulu) , Farah Abdullah (SCKLM) (Subang Jaya USJ1 Dusk), Faizal Mydin (Damansara Heights Zulu), Sheikh Hisham Iskandar (Gold Coast International Marathon) (Damansara Heights Zulu), Sabon Sabrina (Gold Coast International Marathon) (Bandar Utama Bravo), Norhamezan (langkawi Island Marathon) (Subang Jaya USJD), Sylvia Quah (River Jungle Marathon) (Subang Jaya USJD), Mohd Azril Amil (River Jungle Marathon) (Ampang Dusk), Aida Munirah Azmi (Gold Coast International Marathon) (Damansara Heights Zulu), Pravin (SCKLM) (Penang Zulu).

COBC's very own instructors Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim aka Corporal (COBC) Amir and Han Lian aka Lance Corporal (COBC) Lian too ran their first full 42.195km marathon. They are leaders by example. They do not just preach about health, training and running but they too live with the same lifestyle. With both Corporal Amir and Lance Corporal Lian now a marathoner, most if not all of COBC instructors are a marathoner following the footstep of the founders of COBC program Chief Brabon and Gunny Hames. Chief Brabon and Gunny Hames are both a competitive ultra marathoners.

Corporal (COBC) Amir
COBC Recruits at SCKLM

Kitson Foong & Mayurdeep Baruah both from Damansara Heights Zulu ran their maiden 21km race at the SCKLM. Those people mentioned above (among many others - sorry if I missed your name), ran their maiden race under the influence and aspiration from hundreds of veteran COBC recruits who were once a couch potato. Most if not all of COBC recruit somehow, became an avid runner within a few months of joining COBC. Simon Koay, Penang Eight Weeks Challenge local champion for 2013 ran and clocked his first sub 4hours (3hrs 53 minutes) at the SCKLM.

Simon Koay Penang Zulu Local 8WC Champ

To continuously improve our performance and to take the first step into various activities, you must be surrounded by the great positive and aspired bunch of people and that is why COBC has the best community.

While some target running a marathon and ultra marathon as their resolution, others target the peak of Mountains. Those achievers were Nur Farah Ain Azmi (Mount Kinabalu) (Ampang Dusk), Zahrah Mohammad (Mount Kinabalu) (Bandar Utama Dusk) and Wan Hafizuddin (Mount Kinabalu) (Bandar Utama Dusk). I recently climbed up Mt Kinabalu again on my 10 years anniversary since my first climb up Mt Kinabalu in 2003.

There is no distance too far and no peak too high for people at the Chief's Original Bootcamp.

While some goes through the distance and peak as a measure of achievement, some people workout to either look good and be ready for err... for the first night when they signed the lifetime (with warranty) commitment into marriage. This year, three from COBC were happily married and the top was Damansara Heights 2012 Eight Week Challenge location champion cum DHZ Delta cum COBC Instructor Affiq Zakie aka Lance Corporal (COBC) Affiq whom was married to 2013 spring Eight Weeks Challenge Malaysia Champion Izyan Latiff. Another couple, DHZ pioneer recruit cum Delta cum the dolphine of DHZ Stephanie Choong is now happily married to ChuongVan Dang. Rashid Shukor the local Champion for 2013 Eight Week Challenge too tied the knot and is now happily married. Sadly, I missed all the weddings being in the line of duty.

There is ONLY another 3 months before the year-end. Lets make the next three months as a challenge to be in the best shape and health we can ever imagine. Whatever you want to do, you have the support of the whole community at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. HOOYAH!!