A quick note to all 8WC Challengers:

1. A reminder - when it comes to uploading your 'before' measurements and images, you only get one chance (so make sure you wait until you have every information (including Benchmark Assessment timing) before you update your profile.

# Then please check again that the size of the picture is less than 2MB before the upload and update.

2. For those that were over-efficient and had uploaded their measurement earlier (and needed to update again for images and benchmark timing), our principal the Original Bootcamp HQ, Australia will refresh your profile so you can update all information again.

3. You can upload anytime once you have your benchmark timing until the 5th September 2013.

SUPPLEMENTS. The followings are the alternative supplements sourced and negotiated for the best price (on corporate rate) for recruits at the Chief's Original Bootcamp. The recommended BSC products was shortlisted after a thorough research from dozens if not hundreds of products worldwide for the best result and is displayed on the '8WeeksToWow' website at HERE but those products are not available in Malaysia. In Malaysia, we sourced out an equivalent if not better nutritional value just for you.

ORDER & PAYMENT: To order the supplements, please bank-in your payment to CIMB Bank Account No: 12460000957104 under the account name: COBC E-Commerce and Email the receipt stating the product that you require to
All payment must be banked-in and clear first before any orders.

DELIVERY: Any orders placed today before noon, will be delivered to you on your next bootcamp session by your instructor. All orders after 12pm will be delivered to you within 48 hours at your bootcamp session. There will be no delivery during weekends.

# NOTE: We do not profiteer on the supplements and appreciate your cooperation.

The followings are the recommended supplements:

PVL ISO Sports Whey Protein 900 gram - RM150

PVL 100% Instant BCAA 300gram - RM120
PVL CLA Gel Caps 180 Capsule - RM110 (Out of Stock until 22 September- see below)
(Not necessary but good for training, energy boost and recovery)

NOTE: The PVL CLA recommended above is out of stock until month-end. We recommend the Muscle Pharm below for the price of RM95:

PVL MULTI MAXX 60 Tablets - RM36 (out of Stock until 22 September 2013).

We recommend the following at a price RM110 (for 270 tabs versus PVL Multi Maxx 60 tabs @ RM36).

PVL L-CARNITINE 750 120 Caps - RM95

ULTIMATE NUTRITION Ultra Ripped 180 Capsule - RM110