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This year is my blog Stay Tuned's 10th year anniversary and I want to take it a step further by having a Vlog. Blog post is not as challenging anymore and I need to find a substitute to feed my appetite for a challenge. I have never shot any video and is only equip with my iPhone 7 plus. On my birthday, my sisters Dr Teratai Pahamin and Rose Emini Pahamin bought me this gadget; an Osmo Mobile 2 stabilizer and a Comica CVM VS08 microphone especially for my mobile phone which should complete my list of equipment as a beginner.

Founders of new technology startup spend alot of time and money paying for copywriters abd videographers as well as attending to interviews but really, the best way to share and convey a more meaningful message is to do it ourselves. Unless of course you have thousands of ringgit to burn.

This Vlog will be ala pitching time between 1-3 minutes. If there is one thing that I learn (especially from Cradle), is to pitch within 1-3 minutes. No matter how many stories, ideas and words you want to tell, everything have to be summarize in 1-3 minutes. Anything more than 3 minutes is a bore and will be cut off.
If you see me by the street talking to myself, dont be surprise. Its probably me testing out or preparing for my next Vlog post. After a few trial shoot, I must say it does feel stupid talking to myself but I need to get use to it. 

If you have any tips for Vlogging, please let me know. Any tips are good for this rookie.

Until then Stay tuned.

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