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We can re-edit and re-structure all our words and thought while Blogging but Vlogging is a completely different world altogether. Whatever we write when we blog, we can always change and edit it later but whatever is spoken, we cant really change that word or the sentence unless we re-shoot the entire scene. When I started blogging, my writing and thought process became clearer. The ability to express and share my thought in writing (started with this blog) had won me various awards in my own business (I will share this episode later).

This first Vlog (coming soon) is more of an introduction in nature. The concept for this Vlog is about my life, passion, thought and inspiring people around me, the same concept I adopted for this blog. One day when I have left, my children and grandchildren can learn all about me from my Blog and Vlog.

Being a cancer survival (next year I will be celebrating my 30th years anniversary), I see life completely differently than others. When others take things at their own pace, I feel like I am always running out of time. When others wake up and slowly starts their day, I always wake up rushing to do something.. anything. When others take things superficially, I take everything so deep down into the bones; be it family, values, work, friendship, business, fitness and love.

This coming soon Vlog is ala Startups Pitching Time that ranges between 1 to 3 minutes and it is all about my perspective. In 2015, I participated in dozens of pitching for government grant, investors and competition and at that time, I have never pitched or gave any talk or speech within 1-3 minutes (never in my whole life) but having gone through it, I love that concept. Its straight to the point and won't bore the audience.

Feel free to comment, critic, compliment and most importantly, share your thought too. Life is really what we make out of it, we can write our own life and only we can set our destination (whatever and wherever that is).

Stay tuned for the first Vlog which I am really excited.
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  1. AsSalam Dato. Would like to get in touch with you.
    Any possible methods?
    My email is
    Thank you.

  2. Salam Jafrul, you can email me at armin@arminbaniaz.comz
    Thank you

  3. Unfortunately I was unable to send emails to the address. Failure to deliver.
    Any other regular email address?


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