If you are planning or have enrolled and/or sent your children to a Taekwondo centre, please make sure that you sent your children to a Taekwondo Malaysia (TM) approved training centres. Taekwondo Malaysia (TM) is the only taekwondo association in Malaysia that is recognized by the Olympic Council of Malaysia, the National Sports Council and the World Taekwondo Federation. To know the history of Taekwondo in Malaysia, read HERE.

While searching for the best instructor for Aaraf to master the martial art Taekwondo late last year, I did abit of research and discovered... #The list of recognized Taekwondo centre in Malaysia is available at HERE. There are two (2) very important factors to consider and for re-consideration before an enrollment. With the advancement of technology, information is more easily accessible and obtained.

1. Recognized, qualified and accredited instructors (To check and verify your instructor, click HERE)
The list of recognized and accredited taekwondo instructors, head-instructors, referees and examiners are available at the link HERE

(Very proud to see Aaraf's Master, Elaine Teo Shuen Fhern on page 2, no 10). Pick a recognized and accredited instructor with integrity to train your children. Please check & VERIFY that your instructors are listed at the above link

2. Your children is registered as a member of Taekwondo Malaysia (To check, click HERE).
Please also check that you or your child is registered as a member of Taekwondo Malaysia (they should be registered if they are learning taekwondo!!). Aaraf and all his cousins, my nieces and nephews name are listed there except for Kasih Leia Ixora Azhar (what happen?).

Taekwondo is a lifetime learning and investment for health, self-defense and/or sports. Please always verify the accreditation & background of your instructors before enrollment because anyone can claim that they are qualified. Some even claim that they were a member of our national team. A national team member would have been handpicked, trained, received numeration from our Ministry of Sports (or its affiliation) and represented Malaysia officially through Malaysia government official bodies. Elaine Teo Shuen Fern was twice an Olympian, twice at commonwealth games and 12 years with our Malaysia national team.

If you are thinking of sending your children or even you yourself, planned to enroll for Taekwondo, you can find Elaine Teoh at her new Taekwondo academy in Taman Tun Dr Ismail or simply reach her via her facebook at HERE. p/s- I was told, her Wednesday class is already full. Be quick...