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Life in Cambodia gets better on every trip... I mean the food. Upon arrival, we went to straight to a Malaysian & Singaporean restaurant that serves one of the best beef soup in town!!! Better than the Soup Tulang Daing Daniel Fitri had in Singapore on Christmas (Grrrrr..). The restaurant was H.E. General Ponlork Ho's regular luncheon spot. We enjoyed the soup and Mio Dino @Johari Haji Mahadi had the vegetable without any rice... some people are concern about their carbohydrate intake and me  someone, forgotten that he is on a diet.

After checking in at Blue River Hotel with a stupendous view of the Mekong river, we dressed up and were ready for our first schedule. A trip to the Senate house where we were suppose to meet with some officials.

We arrived at the Senate house and were then introduced to Her Excellency Dr Pheng Kuntheaborey, a Minister and the Chief Protocol of Samdech Akka Moha Thamma Pothisal CHEA SIM, President of the Senate and International Relations.

Her Excellency Dr Pheng Kuntheaborey welcoming me at her office 

H.E. Dr Pheng Kutheaborey was a warm and hospitable host. She is a friendly lady and was able to converse well in English.

H.E. Chan Kosal introduced and brief H.E. Dr Pheng Kutheaborey on our background and introduced H.E. Dr Pheng Kutheaborey to us. We exchange views on Economics, Politics and socio cultural indifference before  going straight into the main agenda.

I did not realize how enthusiastic I was until I saw the pictures taken. These pictures were compliments from H.E. Dr Pheng Kutheaborey official photographers.

The whole of our stay there, we had breakfast, lunch and dinner with His Excellency General Ponlork Ho, the Secretary of State for three provinces and Ministry of Interior.

H.E. Ponlork Ho graduated from United State of America and holds a masters degree. H.E. Ponlork Ho was able to converse fluently in English which made us felt like home.

The varieties of food available too was mouth watering.

H.E. Ponlork Ho was very kind and humble. He did not just buy us all breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout our stay there but he had also instructed his driver and bodyguard to escort us everywhere we go. Although we insisted to pay for our own food and travel ourselves but he is more persistent.... dont argue with a General... or you may end up being a 'fertiliser'.

I have never meet anyone of his stature that is humble enough to eat the same food and eat together with his bodyguards and people during breakfast, lunch and dinner.... and sometimes even supper.

Ly Rathana whom had been with H.E. Ponlork Ho for more than 10 years said, His Excellency had even pawn his cars and wealth when his staff or friends seek his help.
H.E. Ponlork Ho is also a member of the Senate. HisExcellency GENERAL PONLORK HO, a four-star general although his uniform still bear only 3-star, a Senator, Secretary of State for three provinces and Ministry of Interior.

Before our departure back to Kuala Lumpur, our last agenda was with Samdech Akka Moha Thamma Pothisal CHEA SIM, Head of State, President of Senate & International Relation.

Infornt of the President's house

 I was introduced to Samdech Akka Moha Thamma Pothisal CHEA SIM, Head of State, President of Senate & International Relation by Her Excellency Dr Pheng Kuntheaborey.

We brought a bouquet of flowers for the President.

H.E. Chan Kosal sharing some light moment with the President.

Our mission was accomplished after the session with the President... we left for another sinful but delicious steak for dinner with brother H.E. Ponlork Ho.

We returned home on the eve of New Year the following day with a new mission, a new resolution and a new spirit.

Having left home & office for too long, we quickly get 'updates' before our departure by being busy sms'ing.. 

We had extended our invitation to brother H.E. Ponlork Ho to visit Malaysia and look forward to host him in Kuala Lumpur next week.

We were honored with the kindest hospitality and warmst welcome extended to us there.

Thank you
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