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His Excellency General Ponlork Ho was one of the first few person we met in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. Whenever we arrived at Phnom Pehn, Excellency Ho or his people will be waiting for our arrival at the airport. Such was the hospitality extended although we had repeatedly insisted to find our own way around Phnom Pehn town.

Excellency Ho converse fluently in English having graduated from an American University in United State of America. Infact, he was previously the deputy Commander for the United State of America Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI).

Now, Excellency Ho is attached to the Ministry of Interior as the Secretary of State, a member of the Cambodia Senate and the Personal Advisor to Senate President Samdech Chea Sim. He is also incharge of 3 provinces in Cambodia.

On Sunday, H.E. Ponlork Ho paid a courtesy visit to our resident at Bustanu Pahamin. HE Ponlork Ho was in Malaysia together with his superior His Excellency General Reach Sophort and counterpart His Excellency General Srun Kimsreang, the Chief in Charge of Military Police Administration, His Excellency General Tho Vuthy, Chief in charge of Army Division 70, His Excellency Meas Sarin and his wife. HE Meas Sarin is a Senator and Personal Advisor to the Senate President Samdech Cheasim, Businessman Srey Vannak, the President for Poun Loreachey Sey Trading Group Co Ltd, and 4 other officials from the Ministry of Interior.

From Left: H.E. Reach Sophort, H.E. Ponlork Ho. Pahamin Rajab
Armin Baniaz Pahamin, H.E. Meas Sarin

Pahamin A Rajab, H.E. Ponlork Ho, H.E. Reach Sophort

Excellency Ponlork Ho, Excellency Reach Sophort and other delegates were in Kuala Lumpur for some personal matters. Except for Excellency Srun Kimsreang and Srey Vannak, other delegates had frequented and are familiar with Kuala Lumpur.

We hosted high-tea for all the delegates to return Excellency Ho's kind hospitality during our visit to Cambodia.
H.E. General Tho Vuthy, H.E. Meas Sarin

 H.E. General Tho Vuthy

From Left: H.E. Meas Sarin's wife, Srey Vannak, H.E. Srun Kimsream

David & H.E. Ponlork Ho

H.E. Srun KimSreang, H.E. Reach Sophort, H.E. Meas Sarin, H.E. Tho Vuthy
Zul, David and H.E. Ponlork Ho

Srey Vannak although a Cambodian but is an American citizen and traveled using an American passport. He is in textile and automotive. He import American cars into Cambodia and export Cambodian textile overseas.

He is the President of Poun Loreachey Sey Trading Group Co Ltd. a company registered in Cambodia.

After the meet up at Bustanu Pahamin, we went to the One World hotel for a drink and discussion.

H.E. Ponlork Ho & H.E. Tho Vuthy
H.E. Reach Sophort & H.E. Ponlork Ho
 H.E. Ponlork Ho has been kind to us and had introduced us to various senior officials and members of Cambodia Senate during our every visit to Cambodia.

Once, during one of our visit to Phnom Pehn His Excellency Ponlork Ho greeted us on our arrival infront of the Airbus A320 door as we touched down at the Phnom Pehn International Airport and brought us straight to General Kuy Bunson's house for a celebration function. His Excellency General Kuy Bunson is Excellency Ponlork Ho's counterpart whom was promoted as a 3-Star General in charge of all the Prisons in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
On my left was General Kuy Bunson whom was recently promoted to3 star General 
as the Chief of correctional department.

Almost all senior officials from the Ministry of Interior, prison governors and Chief of police were present. It was a good experience to attend those celebrations. There were 4 deers, 4 lambs, 20 rabbits, 10 wild boars, 20 birds etc etc.... as a feast.

(pic left: H.E. Ponlork Ho, H.E. Reach Sophort, a General (cant remember his name), Armin Baniaz Pahamin and Mio Dino).


 When we need advice on certain matters, we would consult H.E. Ponlork Ho. During the first few visit to Cambodia, H.E. Ponlork Ho had guided and advice us how best to undertake business in Cambodia.

 A gentlemen and a good friend, thank you for spending the time at our humble home. We look forward to having you again in Malaysia.


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