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If you were ever stopped by police (especially those in Blue uniform) whom is always in the look out for samaritans driving a car with 'expired road tax' (cari makan), then there is only one way out!! Bayar Rasuah!! Pay the bribe!! Otherwise, you will be in my shoe...

On 17 February 2012, I drove from the Curve back to my house at Sungai Penchala (5 minutes drive away) with Aaraf using my Proton Inspira and unbeknown to me, my road tax was 3 days expired when a police car with siren flashed and pulled my car aside.

Three very junior policemen in blue uniform came out from the car and approached me. The police whom was wearing a police reflective jacket that covered his name and the police number, told me that the road tax had expired. I was shocked and quickly apologised and promise to have it renewed immediately.

The police speaking in malay, asked how to settle and me being naive (not getting the 'hint') and was probably stupid, simply profusedly apologised. Using his gadget (some portable device that look like PDA), he said both my road tax and car insurance had expired and if he issue a summon that would attract a compound of RM300 each! meaning.. a total of RM600. He said, if I buy him a drink for RM150, he will not issue the summon.

I was flabbergasted and felt very embarrassed, I said, the road tax was only a few days expired. I overlooked, Minta maaf banyak banyak and I will have it renewed immediately. The police continued to say, so how do we resolve this? I say, I will resolve it by having it renewed immediately. My father too was a civil servant, I wont break the law, I continued.

The police officer whom was not happy, just continued to say, the choice is mine... pay RM600 (RM300 fine for expired road tax and another RM300 fine for expired insurance) or just pay for some duit kopi. To cut the story short, I refuse to pay rasuah and was issued a summon (SUMMON NO 02AH731758) which I have forgotten all about it until today.

Today, when I wanted to renew the road tax for my other cars, I was blacklisted due to that summon no 02AH731758. The summon too was issued without any discount.

Lesson to learn..

If ever you are stopped by blue uniform police for expired road tax- pay the RM150 rasuah/bribe - better than to have the car blacklisted and to pay RM600. White uniform traffic police are more considerate and would give a stern or last warning without issuing any summon.

If we want a better society especially with the technology (gadget) that can trace all the historical summon, then it should be good if we can ensure this:

1) All police (and police jacket issued) must display the name and police number, so the police would not hesitate to even ask for bribery without being recognised.

2) All summon should be eligible for discount. Prohibiting discount (at the discretion of the police) will only provide them with more abuse of power.

3) The least, I hope someone will trace the officer who issued the summon and reprimand an/or counsel him the seriousness of asking for bribery.

I feel so ashamed and embarrass to write this blog but if no one is brave enough to come forward, this will eventually be our culture. That was my first experience being asked for rasuah by policemen. Astaghfirullah hilazim.


  1. wise action, i myself would rather pay the saman than giving them 'duit kopi'. Not only it is unlawful but also immoral. Just yesterday i 'sembang-sembang' with my friend who own a tyre shop. She complained to me 'aiyya ini polis manyak susah, tak boleh buat apa'. Salute you Armin!

  2. Omg!same thing happened to me.. nw I hav 2 pay rm600 for same reason ..saman by police -pdrm too ... he asking for 'duit kopi' :-/ I refuse 2 giv him & I told him im nt effort to giv him. I gt blacklisted now for this saman:( couldnt reniew my license ... only can reniew after settled the saman & no discounts for this saman... very true! Anyway if u guys have problems in reniew road tax b4 that we can go to jpj or trafic station to get a letter frm them... tht we couldnt reniew roadtax for few days for some reason ..but only for 14days or 1week so when police stop anywher u can show the report/letter to them!:-D xoxo!


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