A special movie dedication to Mother on her 62nd Birthday (click HERE if the Youtube file did not appear).

9 July 2010, on a 4 car convoy everybody except for me, Rhiza and Azhar Sulaiman left for Sepang Golden Palm resort Gold Coast to celebrate Mum's 62nd Birthday. I had to attend Proton 25 year Silver jubilee celebration at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Rhiza was in Penang attending a court case.. Lawyer! Azhar Sulaiman was in Johor doing some movie shooting.

We bought the villa at the Sepang Gold Coast but took 4 Villas for this weekend celebration.

The whole clan left Bustanu...

We pack balloons and party pack to surprised mum whom had earlier arrived with Dad, Amnan Bazli and Amir.

This article is more of a Picture blog.. meaning, there are more picture as story line rather than a write-up...

They arrived at the Sepang Gold Coast after almost 2 hours drive being stuck in heavy traffic. Without any traffic, it was only an hour drive distance.

They parked their car at the designated carpark and took the buggy to the reception area.

The resort is beautiful. The sunset was stupendous!! We were lucky to arrived int-time for the sunset.

Everybody, 18 of us except for Teratai Edithy & family will be at the Sepang Goldcoast.

Everybody gathered to give mum the first surprised with the birthday balloons.

 Surprise!! Surprise!!!! SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mum was surprised. She was not expecting us with dozens of Birthday balloons.

After the surprise with balloons, we inspected the rooms. The room was beautiful. The lighting was superb.

The ambiance was so peaceful and relaxing.

The toilet was so comfortable that someONE decided to sleep in the bath tub!!

Peeping toms...!! Mat skodeng?? 

 The its time to say GOODNIGHT........... 

 The next Day, 11 July 2010....... 
the morning was so beautiful and peaceful  

Having a cup of coffee by the varendah,  with the smooth wind-blow and bright sky... 
was one of the best of what nature can offer..

Then come the breakfast... by two boyz..

That morning, all the men arrived... Rhiza Ghazi, Azhar Sulaiman and me but I was busy doing the picture-movie for tonight.. Its my surprise for mum. 

The Kids were having a blast!!! By the beach..... 

The beach was beautiful. The white beach sand.. the wind....

I dont trust the kids @ the beach... and sat nearer to watch them play. 

While some of the kids were having a blast in the water, some of the kids bury themselves in the sand and someOne decide to Fly-kite.... 

but less than 10 minutes of Fly-kite, the kite flew and stuck in the trees. 

 When night befall, we head back to our Villas...  

After showering and clean-up, we went to Dad's Villa, the Villa that we bought for family prayer.

We pray together with Dad as the Imam, performed the Maghrib and Sembahyang Hajat then recited the surathul Yassin. 

We pray and Doa for mum to have a lasting healthy life especially since its the eve of mum's birthday. After the prayer, we left for DINNER!!! 

The scenery and view at night was superb.. indescribably.... It was so beautiful

After dinner, we lit up the cake....

Together we sang.......


Coincidentally, Dad won a lucky draw!!!!

Then the kids went dancing.........!!!! Especially Kasih..

Quietly, Amnan, Amir and me sneaked back to our Villa to prepare the place for a Video presentation (as per the Youtube movie). Rose Emini Pahamin held back all others by camwhoring!!!

Then everybody gathered at my Villa and I presented the Video clips of mum's life journey summarized in 10 minutes.

The full video was as per the video clip at the start of the blog.

Everybody had a good laugh at the movie.

After the slide show, we gave mum her birthday present.

We then retired for the night at around 1am.

Sunday morning, we woke up early feeling very hungry............ 

After food was SWIMMING POOL session......... 

After a good playing with the water session, we packed up and was ready to checkout.

We bid farewell to SEPANG GOLDCAST...

Thank you mum & dad for the loveliest weekend.

There is no better success than to have a beautiful and happy family



  1. Mabruk...ya akhi...awesome vid, i love it...you have a very lovely family, your mom is blessed with such great children....salaam to her and my du'a and good wishes for her 62nd birthday!

    semoga sihat sihat dalam ketenangan, terpelihara dan mencapai husnul khatimah, ameen ya rabb!

  2. RJ,
    Hey.. thanks for dropping by me page.

    and especially thank you for the doa. May Allah bless you always my brother.

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