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Special Sunday........

Sunday is always special because it is the only free-day in a busy & hectic week but today is extra special because it is the 'Father's day'.

Today is the 38th year since my dad gave birth to his eldest child, my sister, Chempaka Emalin. Being a dad for already 38 years with half a dozen children was not easy but we all grew up to be better than what my father had expected....... (or thats what we would like to believe hee).

Every year since childhood, mum will always gather the children to celebrate father's day with a get-together dinner or lunch. This year was no exception. The venue for this year was at an italian bistro, the Zucca @ Menara PGRM, Cheras. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the restaurant owner, Adlin whom recommended the chef special. We ordered almost half the menu and ate disgracefully without any regard to dieting.

Athough breaking the regular diet to celebrate our dad is a gesture of 'no holds barred' appreciation for him (as well as a reason to break the dieting), but any form of get-together luncheon or dining cannot expressed our love, appreciation and gratitude for a man that never complained or give up on his children... except for some thunderous screaming.

At 63, and a father for 38 years, we can only pray to the Almighty for your better health. There are time that we rebelled and there are time that we neglected you but there isnt a moment that we forgot the endless love and care you showered while raising us from child into adulthood.... even till today.

I remembered our first cinema trip when we watched 'the Superman' that left me fantasizing into becoming a superhero. I can still recall that moment you taught me to pray when i was 5 years old and our first Umrah when i was 15. I did not forget the first time you taught me to hold a golf club although i never picked up the hobby. We have such a good and great time that sometimes we forgot that we are already in our mid life. We can never be old with you pampering us always... It is impossible to even prepare or imagine for that one day.............. sub'hanallah.

Celebrating Father's Day is important but is only a small token of gratitude for a Dad that asked for nothing from his children except for happiness and health. If only love can be measure and the vocabulary is richer, then you will know how we all feel for you. There is no word that can express how much we all love you.. thank you for being what you are. I love you Happy Father's Day.


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