Bank Negara Malaysia

Bank Negara Malaysia

I arrived early for a meeting with the Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) and was greeted by a friendly lady Mdm Koid Swee Lian at the reception counter. We chatted unofficially at the entrance of Bank Negara Lanai Kijang, approximately 5 minutes away from the Bank Negara head office.

Various marathons and running races that i participated were organised that passed by the road to the Lanai Kijang but i never took notice of this Bank Negara building. We were directed to the staff cafe that is almost as beautiful as a 5 star hotel cafe and was seated at a 12 seater table. Lanai Kijang is residents for Bank Negara training centre that can occupy more than 299 residents.

Shortly after we were seated, three other officials from Bank Negara arrived and we introduced ourselves and it was then that i learn Mdm Koid is the Bank Negara Director of Consumer and Market Conduct. She was very friendly and pleasant that she can be easily mistaken for the receptionist or secretary. Together with Mdm Koid was En Abdul Rasheed Ghafur, Bank Negara Director for Financial Sector Development whom were as friendly as Mdm Koid. En Rasheed explained he purposely chose the staff cafe for a discussion to enable everybody to close rank at a friendlier environement and open up for any ideas and suggestions that is pertinent to the Malaysian public. Which i agree if compared to the serious bored and mono environment of a meeting room. Bank Negara policies are designed for the public and consumer at large, En Rasheed explained which is why Bank Negara want to listen to all the stakeholders view and suggestions.

I was impressed at the 'new' approached by Bank Negara. There was no authoritative arrogance that previously stink the government and authorities which i was prepared for today. We had various interactions and dealing with Bank Negara in the past when the Hire Purchase commission was revoked early in the new millennium.

Bank Negara was further represented by three other deputy Directors Ms Sarina Said from Corporate Communications, Ms Junaidah Mohd Said Financial Sector Development and Ms Lim Hsin Ying (pronounced as 'Singing' according to her) from media and promotions.

We had a good breakfast compliments from Bank Negara and a lengthy discussions on various issues. En Rasheed and Mdm Koid both gave the assurance, today's meeting will be the start and a platform for any feedback or suggestions.

If all Ministries and governmental bodies were to be as pro-active as Bank Negara Malaysia officials today, I believe we can steer ourselves out from the recession and move forward faster than planned. This is indeed the spirit of Malaysia Incorporated, Malaysia Boleh and 1Malaysia.

I look forward to various other collaborations with Bank Negara.