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Blog, Facebook & MCA Youth Exco (Part v)

the list of MCA National Youth Exco Members for 2008-2011 is available at MCA YOUTH WEBSITE.

MCA (inc appointed & Invited) has a similar size of exco members to UMNO with 43 exco members compared to PAS 36 Youth exco member and AMK 46 Youth exco members.

MCA Youth exco are the worst IT savvy with only 3 MCA Youth Exco connected on cyber via both Facebook and personal Blog compared to 7 UMNO Youth, 8 PAS Youth, 5 AMK (PKR) Youth exco.

1) Youth Chief: Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong (see: Wee FB, Wee Blog)
2) Loh Chew June (see: CJ FB, CJ Blog)
3) Dr Kow Cheong Wei (see: Kow FB, Kow Blog)

and only 4 MCA Youth Exco that is registered ONLY on Facebook and without any personal blog compared to 14 UMNO Youth exco, 5 PAS Youth Exco and 10 AMK Youth Exco.

4) Dato' Chai Kim Sen (see: Chai FB)
5) Ong Soon Boon (see: Ong FB)
6) Toh Seng Cheng (see: Toh FB)
7) Chew Kok Woh (Sabah) (see: Chew FB)

... 4 MCA Youth is a blogger but are not registered on FB compared to 2 UMNO Youth, 4 PAS Youth and 6 AMK Youth Exco

8) Gan Hong Su (see: Gan Blog)
9) Chiew Lian Keng (appt)(see: Chiew Blog)
10) Dato Liow Tiong Lai (Pahang) (see: Liow Blog)
11) Wee Jeck Seng (Johor) (see: Wee Blog)

22 MCA Youth exco are non-existence on FB and does not own any personal blog compared to 20 UMNO Youth, 19 PAS Youth and 25 AMK Youth exco.

12) Yong Chen Leong
13) Yoo Wei How
14) Dr Chin Tung Leong
15) Yit Lee Kok
16) Lee Li Yew
17) Koh Chin Han
18) Chin Eu Boon
19) Yap Tian Hoi
20) Dep Chief: Dato Dr Mah Hang Soon

Appointed Youth Exco
21) Wong Yoke Loong
22) Haw Chin Teck
23) Ngwe Hee Sem
24) Wong Nai Chee
25) Tang Nai Soon
26) Chong Sin Woon
27) Datuk Chuah Poh Khiang

Invited Youth Exco
28) Gan Han Chuan
29) Wong Kim Long
30) Eng Hiap Boon
31) Teoh Hwa Cheng
32) Yeong Kian Seng
33) Ling Hee Keat

State Youth Liaison Chief
34) Hang Chin Peng (W.Persekutuan)
35) Wong Koon Mun (Selangor)
36) Wee keng Seng (Kelantan)
37) Boey Chin Gan (Kedah)
38) Foo Ming Chee (N.Sembilan)
39) Teh Chai Aan (Perlis)
40) Chin Wai Sun (Terengganu)
41) Dato Tan Chin Meng (Perak)
42) Chua Kheng Hwa (Melaka)
43) Ooi Chuan Aik (Penang)

ONLY 23% of MCA Youth exco connected on cyber either through FB or Blog or Both compared to 53% UMNO Youth, 49% PAS and 52% AMK (PKR) Youth. Clearly one of the reason why MCA is losing its popularity........ MCA is probably riding on UMNO Youth machinery for cyber support and cavassing.

Another significant obervation on cyber, opposition PAS and AMK openly displayed their exco HANDPHONE NUMBER on their official website but NONE with UMNO Youth & MCA Youth... hence, not only are the opposition are approachable on cyber but they are also easily contactable on their personal handphone.

Stay tune for MIC, Gerakan, PPP, DAP and other political party youth exco cyber analysis.....


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