Love is blind...? now it is only partially blind with a visit to the medical centre & Bank Negara...


I recently met four old friends whom regrettably went through a divorce or break-ups; two were married with children and the other two were engaged. Although infidelity was partly the trigger point, the break-up was also ignited by financial traumas and dramatic health deterioration.

The four friends were 2 guys and 2 ladies. Three divorced were sought by the women and only one divorced was filed by the husband but all four couples did not know both their spouse's physical and financial health... pre-marital. in short, they were married into or inherited once married, an ocean of debts and problems.

In a capitalist world of the new millenium, being geared is almost inevitable but being too highly geared may be irreversible and can affect the marriage.

Similarly, we always take for granted our health and accepted the spouse in whichever and whatever form the partner is, in the name of love... and became a widow later without any preparation when she discovered the spouse had cancer. One of the three friends that I recently met, filed a divorced when they discovered the spouse had Herpes... ? I knew both of them quite well and they both are not a 'born-angel' sort of speak.. they could have been infected in their previous relationship. It was a lame excuse.

I do not mean, everybody should leave out anybody with STDs, or anybody suffering from cancer or those that survived cancer otherwise, being a cancer survivor, I too will be a bachelor for the rest of my life but at least, get to know each other's health condition the moment you are involved in a relationship and the pledge 'till death do us apart' would really apply since both then knew and accepted each other's actual health condition before marriage. Nonetheless, an early discovery is always good to prepare for the worse.

Nonetheless, with a thorough blood check that includes Sexually Transmitted Disease, you can be assured of your spouse's cleanliness, rather than accused each other in the future akin of my friend without even knowing that point of 'exposure' could have been in the past relationship.

More importantly, it is imperative to have a financial check done before taking a step further into the relationship. Not many are aware but the Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia) do provide this service. Unlike in Europe when everybody can check anybody's financial status (subject to some conditions), in Malaysia only the Bank Negara provide such a service. It is called the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS).

Walk to the Bank Negara and informed the Bank reception counter that you would like a CCRIS check done. For only RM10 (Ringgit Malaysia Ten only) you can have the details of ALL EXISTING FINANCIAL INSTITUTION CREDIT under your name or your name joint with another person, your name under a sole proprietor, under a partnership or professional body. The report will also informed all outstanding credit facilities under "close supervision" by financial institutions as well as any application for additional credit facilities within the last 12 months (for more details click: Info). CCRIS also provide a credit patterns or historical loan repayment trend... hence a good or poor paymaster.

You can ONLY check YOUR OWN (or your company's) financial record and not for others and the report will only state the gearing or the credit facilities (example: credit card, car loans, housing, overdraft etc) under your name.

The report will not display your assets (example: fix deposit, investments, share holdings, fully paid properties etc) so you cannot go 'fishing' at Bank Negara but if you have a partner and love each other, you should include Bank Negara as a compulsory dating point and get to know each other's financial background... There are alot of fraud cases too where your name was used for unknown loan application or used to buy a car that you never knew existed... and this is one problem best known early to avoid inevitable legacy.

A date or a walk to the Bank Negara before marriage may also save your future. You can only dream of buying a new house or a new car or travel oversea on holiday if you & spouse are credit-worthy but if your spouse is banckrupted or blacklisted by financial instutions? cant even leave Malaysia.

Be wise... do the blood and CCRIS credit check before its too late.......................



  1. Hello there,

    1. Nice piece you got there. Well it bring some dosage of reality in the fantasy world called love.

    2. High possibility ppl dont want to check their future spouse background cause they are so influenced by too much romantic comedies.

    3. Actually it is the preparation, many of our urban dwellers are not prepared for marriage. Some didnt understand how it should work.

    4. But do u think that by calculating all those risks will make the marriage journey even more dull?, cause there are no test of sacrifice, test of loyalty and pure love, test of redemption?

    5. Anyway I agree with you, its better to check your spouse credit terms and health status before going thru the marriage journey. It is unnecessary risks to take.

  2. A'kum,

    I always stick to one simple unwritten rule "If a man, never ask his wage, If a woman never ask her age." I was poor once and have been rejected because of that. But not today. Basically I despise people that judges base on status for love. So in short, the old scar runs deep.

    And the best part, the father of my ex-gf who rejected me eons ago now trying to become my sub-contractor and he didnt know yet im the boss now. Ha ha ha, how convenient.

    The point are, instead of going for ccris or blood test, look deeper through the guy/girl, what he/she got for you. As for me, I would advise the girls, before you judge the guy that comes along your way with his assets and big cars or poorer guys, study him first. His self-determination, heart, background and positive attitude will the best benchmark to start with.

    And finally, Islam have given some tips to choose your future spouse and it doesnt say anything about CCRIS. :D, I like the final part, choose cause his/her religion. It is very simple, when you look at religion attunement, u can study his/her moral and responsibility elements. Therefore u wont get crap like STD and bad credit. Usually Bad credit - irresponsible.

  3. A'kum.

    Hmm, when your gf starts checking your ccris and bank accounts, its time to date other chicks ;D

  4. Dear Anonymous 1,

    marriage is a once in a lifetime process... doing some 'paperwork' akin of a project paper seems appropriate...

    Anonymous 2,

    Salam, i could not agree with you more. Status and Wealth are all temporary.. it is not important to me too.

    The point that i am highlighting is... have a transparent slate of relationship. The partner.. does not need to be wealthy or rich and poor is acceptable but if you are going into marriage.. at least you know the actual state that you are both in.... and accept it.

    and Islam too is very forgiving.. you can be very 'unislamic' or non-religious during youth and insaf later.. if everybody choose only the religious to get married to, then many many men and women will be bachelor for life... many goes through zaman 'jahiliah' and insaf way later in life.

    Blood test or medical test.. to know if both are fertile.. and free from any diseases. so that in the future, any existence of std's are post marital affair.

    Bad credit does not mean necessarily means irresponsible.. sometimes beyond control.. eg recession. sometimes being 'too nice' gurantee'ing friend's, relative's loan or banking facilities that went sour.

    Sometimes fraud happen and your name was used for unknown loan, which you only discover after your marriage when you wanted to buy your first dream house or first car... and you discover your name was blacklisted!! adding inevitable and unexpected stress to a fragile relationship.

  5. Yo I'm Anonymous 2

    1. You got good reply there, I give you my thumbs up.

    2. Actually I was messing around. hehe.

    3. My buddy Nik asked me to help you out looooonnnng time ago about your UMNO endeavors, if I can recall about setting up a new cawangan or something. But I got to decline, too intoxicated with my job.

    4. Anyway back to matters discussed. Elements of being religious, I didnt mean like ustaz or ulama, its more like discipline type of guy/girl, bunch of people who knows the rule and know how to take care of themselves and if end up doing wrong stuff, they know how to get their ass back online. I think the way I put religion or religious brought different meaning on my comments. Im sorry about that my bad.

    5. The key things are when the time comes to tie the knot, its time to buckle up and shift gear to reality. Get your self prepared in all elements financially, mentally and physically not just about "massaging the hockey stick" in between the legs ;P.

    6. And regarding credit status, if the guy/girl is discipline and knowledgable enough they have less possibility to get themselves in trouble in credit eventhough there are still risks.

    7. Conclusion is, you got something cooking here, I dont say I didnt agree, but I just dont like when people checking around my affairs even my gf. Maybe it is acceptable or good ideas to other couple. But not me hahaha. Im more old-fashioned - "A man gotta do what a man gotta do".

    8. I would like to propose to you, why dont u turn your thoughts to a proposal to become a part of Kursus Perkahwinan. Its a good thing, it might mitigate some of the divorce statistics.

    Do u have facebook?

  6. Dear Anom 2,

    The umno branch story was a decade ago.. long forgotten but i had to blog it when many people still remember that incident and i never had the opportunity to explain.. in the end.. doing business is better than playing politics...

    All the checking is personal bro.. but it works both way.. it is not a guy or a girl thing but it is a lifetime commitment.. there is no shame having debts and loans and if you are getting married, perhaps you can share that burden.. :-D

    Yes, i am on facebook...

  7. Pls note that CCRIS report is free.

    Just drive to BNM, te desk is located somewhere at the groundfloor and we can retrieve the report on our own.

    We can get it once in every six month. FOC.

    I beleive CCRIS report should be coupled with HIV-test report before any permit to get maried be given.

  8. Dear Basir,

    salam, thanks for that feedback. for all the reason we should always check our ccris rating. we can never tell what the syndicated scam may have used our name for...


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