A productive Sunday......


My ordinary Sunday usually began with a long distance of at least a 21km run training at Taman Tun Dr Ismail lakeside located beside the Women Institute of Malaysia at 6am. I broke the routine yesterday to be punctual at our fortnighly gathering with Dr Juanda Jaya, the Mufti of Perlis. I was always late for the gathering having participated in various running events that was always held on Sunday morning.

I first befriended Dr Juanda when we together performed our Haj in 2006... We (the members of our unofficial group called 'Zamrud' & Dr Juanda) were all alien to each other in Mecca. Gathered by Dr Juanda, we became so close and took a pledge whilst in Mecca to better understand the beauty of Islam and committed ourselves to regularly gather and learn from Dr Juanda whom voluntarily too committed himself in guiding us through the Quran & Hadith. We learn the translation of Quran and understand the Hadith from Dr Juanda Jaya at the fortnightly 'Halaqah' for more than 2 years now.

I missed Mecca, missed performing the pilgrimage and became more enthusiast in seeking deeper knowledge of Islam everytime I met Dr Juanda... My Mentor.

Unfortunately, the Zamrud gathering is a closed invitation only to our 2006, Zamrud haj group.. however, those whom are interested to get opinions from Dr Juanda.. can do so via his BLOG.. Dr Juanda Blog 1, Dr Juanda Blog 2.

Having spent half a day with Dr Juanda & the Zamrud group (a name borrowed from Tabung Haji package that we subscribed when we all first met), the other half sunday was spent at home and a father & son day out.

The usual father & son outing at the golf course or shopping or at some fine dining restaurants are too common. The sunday too was a break from that monotony outing. Instead, we went to One Utama Mall for a menicure and pedicure.

Grooming is always a choice. Many wanted to be groomed but avoided in fear of being teased or seen at the centre. Such is the stigma of many men... but nothing felt better than to have the feet and hand dead skin scrubbed and cuticles trimmed and nail buffed and polished.

We arrived early for our 5pm appointment and did not have to queue whilst others were impatiently queuing. We were comfortably seated and The menicure and pedicure took more than an hour to complete.

Dad had a good snore and was in dreamland for the whole period but quickly awoke for photos...

The sunday too was the wedding Yg Bhg Dato' Hanafi Mat Zin's daughter, Nurul Husna Hanafi & Azri which I could not attend as I attended the Zamrud gathering with Dr Juanda. My apology and congratulation to Dato Hanafi & family... and the newly wed Husna & Hery.

At the same time, my old schoolmates at Bukit Bintang Boys Secondary School held a get-together at the Chef & Brew restaurant, Damansara height that I could not attend for the same reason. My thousand apology.

Now... back to work.