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Bvlgary....? Burglary..... burglarrrriiii... BURRRGLAAARY!!!! ...... its not funny!

Bvlgary....? Burglary..... burglarrrriiii... BURRRGLAAARY!!!! ...... its not funny!

My first experience being burglared was during teen.... I rented a small 180 sq ft hostel room during undergraduate study at the University of Buckingham for STR230 a month paid with a STR291 MARA scholarship a month. I entered my room after a good clubbing night out to discover all the new assets that I still owe my credit card were all missing... HiFi stereo, notebook, alarm clock (the reason why I missed so many lectures since), watches, rings, even my brand new socks.....

16 years later... todate, I have been burglared and robbed (even with parangs) more than 20 times. All the burglaries except for that teenage student life, was within the last 2 years at Fasfik outlets at various locations in Petaling Jaya except today. Today, Fasfik Corporate Office and my office at Damansara Perdana was burglared.... a clean sweep sort of speak, the 49" plasma TVs that connects and displayed all realtime cctv videos of all my businesses, about a dozen Computers and other items including various foreign currencies that I safe-kept at office for travelling.

The day before my office was hit, the Mamak store below my office was robbed by a few Indians with Parangs. A few months ago, my dad's law firm Pahamin & Pahamin (Advocate & Solicitor) was burglared.. also at Damansara Perdana.

Barely 3 weeks ago, on the 27th July 2009, Home Ministry via its website started a poll to gauge the public's view on the Country's level of safety and the government's performance in safe guarding the people's safety and security. According to the poll, 97% of the total respondence felt unsafe due to the current high crime rate and 95% respondent felt the government had not done their best to ensure the best safety to the public (see: the Star).

I consider myself part of the 95% statistics that felt more could be done to combat crime and part of the 97% statistic that do not feel safe.

But bitching alone would not reduce the crime rate... thinking outloud and brainstorming on counter measures ... I like the recommendation from my Fasfik Head of Manpower Development, Kamarul Arifin Zainal's suggestion to enrol 100 of fasfik crew as part of People's Volunteer Corporation (RELA)... in fact, I might volunteer to be one too.

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  1. Oh no....that must be a lot of money bro, and you must waste time for settle all again.. be strong kay ...I had once bad experience too. Somebody snatched my handbag once, it happened when I was getting out from my car in the night and then one guy rode a motocycle close to me and then he snatched my handbag and run away .... :-s Even I did not lost so much money but I was shocked and so scare .. and I become more careful now ..Well, take care ya


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