Damansara Perdana........ SOS..


One of my corporate offices is located at the Damansara Perdana Business Centre that was developed by Saujana Triangle Sdn Bhd, a member of the MK Land Holdings Berhad Group of Companies. Damansara Perdana is a 750 acres intergrated township and is part of the golden triangle of Petaling Jaya that was first launched in 1996.

I bought a few shoplots, commercial properties as well condominiums at Damansara Perdana since its first launching. As a developer, EMKAY never failed to deliver its promise. Damansara Perdana is a good investment but at the rate the township is being maintained, current investors, the public as well as companies may soon dissappear and shy away from Damansara Perdana.

Crime rate at Damansara Perdana is increasing every month. People at Damansara Perdana are being mugged, burglared, robbed almost daily. I was one of the first few business owners in Damansara Perdana and I have had countless burglaries.

If you ever visited Damansara Perdana, you can see EMkay Security Guards in white uniform crowding the township from the moment you enter the Damansara Perdana.. but i take it, the Guards' principal responsibility is only to block and reserve parking space for EMKAY group Bosses & Management.... and some road traffic activity.

With the increasing crime rate, we can only wonder the actual function of those security guards in white ala white elephant... redundant.

Public area cleanlines, lift maintenance and other services at Damansara Perdana was outsourced to theAllied Group Property Services Sdn Bhd. Every business or property owner at Damansara Perdana had to pay service charge to this company for the maintenance and if you ever walked using the staircase or took the lift at the business centre.......... you will notice the filthy, dirty and NOT-maintained area! but the monthly maintenance fees are diligently reminded and collected!

Allied Group Property in turn appointed HPL Elevator Sdn Bhd for the maintainance of the lift & elevators.... and what maintaintance did the HPL Elevator Sdn Bhd undertook....? when the lift breakdown a few times a week!

I am provoked to blog EMKAY's poor service and maintainance at Damansara Perdana when my pregnant staff, Zura was stuck in the lift alone and was stucked for an hour although she pressed the emergency bell (located on the panel in the lift) without any answer or response from HPL, Allied or any members of EMKAY group. Giving up pressing the yellow emergency bell, Zura then called the emergency telephone number at the sticker pasted in the lift below:

The call was picked up by a lady name NORA but NORA failed to send any rescue team or technician!!! ........ although she assured the rescue team will be there..

After another hour of waiting and crying for help, my office with the help of the neighbour FORCED OPEN THE LIFT door to rescue the poor lady.

The rescue team never came nor appear at the scene and when my office complained the following day, they say they could not locate their technician or rescue team. Zura, although pregnant but was lucky that she can use her handphone during the incident. Most of the time, there is no handphone network in the lift. She was also lucky the incident took place during peak hours but if the incident happen at late nights when there are nobody around to help?

I am disturbed by this incident. It happen to a pregnant lady..... It can also happen to me, my associate, customer or family members or anybody!!!!! a complain letter was submitted to EMKAY, Allied Property and HPL but todate, there is still no reply.

Damansara Perdana is not what it used to be......... crime rate, cleanliness and now health and welfare hazard....... !! Buyers Beware