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The ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ MPSJ 3K Community Centre has been relocated to LAMAN SUKAN MPSJ, Subang Permai, USJ 1 Subang Jaya.

The landmark for the new location is GIANT AND MYDIN  hypermarket. If MYDIN is on your left (thats Persiaran Subang Permai), drive straight ahead and make a RIGHT-turn into JALAN SUBANG PERMAI when you see a shop (on your right) called FRESH BOULEVARD. Drive straight ahead and the NEW TRAINING AREA is the FIELD on the left. (See map below for the field beside the road-name JALAN SUBANG PERMAI):

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Direction from TTDI, Bandar Utama, Damansara etc to OBC-USJ is as follows:

1) Take NKVE highway at Damansara Uptown and follow signboard to Subang Airport (NOTE: NOT KLIA).

2) At NKVE, exit at the old Subang Airport and pass by a TOLL. Pay RM0.90 toll and drive straight passingby Petronas and Shell station on the left. Stay on the left-lane and drive straight up the new elevated highway heading to Subang Jaya, Kewajipan, Sunway etc.

3) Once you've driven up the elevated highway, drive all the way until the end of the highway and you will reach a traffic light (KESAS intersection). 

4) Drive straight ahead passing SEGi College, the Summit on the left and reached another traffic light, make a LEFT-TURN there (follow signage to Giant/MYDIN). 

5) You will reach another traffic light, but just drive straight (12 O'clock) and pass MYDIN (on the left), PERODUA (on the left), "FRESH BOULEVARD" shop (on Right), TURN RIGHT at the Fresh Boulevard shop into the Jalan Subang Permai road. 

Drive straight ahead, our field is on the left."

The FREE-TRIAL @ USJ will be on Thursday, 18 November 2010 & Saturday, 20 November 2010 at 5:45am to 6:45am. Everybody are invited to attend both session.

Registration for OBC-BU @ SUBANG JAYA is also open for the December intake that starts on 23 November 2010. Click HERE to register or call 017-3795988 for further information.

As a show of gratitude to OBC-BU recruits whom are the back-bone of the program, we are offering one month complimentary workout at OBC-USJ when you register for 1 month training at OBC-BU.

Lets end year 2010 and began the year 2011 with a new look, new fitness and a new YOU!!!


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