31 OCTOBER 2010 yesterday marked the 2,500th year of marathon or a long distance running event with an official distance of 42.195 kilometers (or 26 miles and 385 yards). The event was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon (the namesake of the race) to Athens. For more details read Here.

Athen is a beautiful city and I can only imagine what it would feel like to run a race surrounded by stupendous view (pic from left was ciplak'ed from Chun's photo album).

To commemorate the historic date, the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP @ Bandar Utama pioneer instructor Corporal (OBC) Chun or his real name Chun Chia Kai and OBC-BU Delta-recruit Vivien Luyen Ow went to Athen on 23 October 2010 to acclimatize and ran the historic 2,500 years old 42.195km marathon.

The Athen marathon was Vivien Luyen Ow's first maiden 42.195km marathon. She picked the best date to break her marathon virgin at the marathon's birth place itself on its 2,500th year anniversary.

Corporal (OBC) Chun completed his marathon in 5 hour and 7 minutes and Vivien Luyen Ow did it in 5 hours and 9 minutes. At the point of writing (this blog), Chun Chia Kai was at the Doha airport for a 7 hours fight to come back home. Vivien Luyen Ow and her husband David, is at Barcelona holiday'ing until Saturday.

Chun Chia Kai proudly carrying our MALAYSIAN FLAG in Athen
Chun Chia Kai, I am proud of your achievement and thank you for keeping us all posted with your progress in Athen. Vivien Luyen Ow, Well Done Madam Ms Marathoner!!! You are officially a marathoner.. You should be very proud.

We are all very proud of you both. Keep up the good job and keep running. Cant wait to catch up and hear their experience running the historic marathon...

until then, Stay tune....


  1. "Chun Chia Kai was at the Doha airport for a 7 hours fight to come back home."

    fuuyo, i didn't know Corp Chun is also a Wing Chun master like Ip Man.

  2. JUN KING...

    hehhee.. there are alot about chun that you do not know.. hehehhee... :-p

  3. CHUN and Vivien...
    *two thumbs up*

    Chun;am very happy to see my BUFF...and you looking great with a BUFF of your own....good job on your run!

    Vivien: Well done, well done.."syncharitiria gia" first MARATHON! -
    (Congratulations on your 1St Marathon)

    Armin; Thanks for the post and keeping us updated!

  4. Hey, I didn't see earlier. Thanks very much for the writeup, Armin. Evxaristo poly, Rara! After 6 months of training, it was a really special experience for me to run my virgin marathon at the birthplace of this race, and finishing at the 2300-year old marble stadium was the climax!


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