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The 7th session for the month began with Corporal Chun leading the warming up session while Sarge Dann, Corporal Nawal & Corporal Jasper warmed out with recruits to correct their stretching forms and methods. After the warming up session, recruits were divided into three groups with the same mixture of Delta, Seal and Rangers. Group 1 went with Corporal Jasper at Station 1, Group 2 with Corporal Nawal at Station 2 and Group 3 with Corporal Chun at Station 3. I was in Group 3 with Deltas James Fong, Joe Liew, Ilyanna Aylin Ayob, Ryan Wong, Mohd Azhari as well as others.

Each station was located from one field-end to the other. Corporal Jasper was in charge of Lower Body workout at his station. Corporal Nawal, the section commander at Station 2 had the Mid-Section and Corporal Chun with the upper body at Station 3.

At every station, the Delta must performed 60 Reps, SEAL 50 Reps and Rangers 40 Reps for all the workout prepared. After completing the repetition, they must sprint to the next station irrespective of other teammates speed in their group.

We had to complete as many laps as possible of all 3 stations within 10 minutes.

At Group 3, we started with 60 deep pushups with Corporal Chun before sprinting to Corporal Jasper for 60 repetitions of Deep Squat Jump and ran to Corporal Nawal for 60 repetitions of Military situps. We climaxed too early on the first lap and the second lap of 60 reps deep push-up felt really heavy. Unwilling to give up, James Fong, Joe Liew and me paced our count together and rested for a second at every 10 repetitions to slowly but surely complete the full 60 repetitions. We supported each other to make sure we completed all the 60 reps in a perfect form and accurate count (no stalling- you hear that Lizza Abdul Rahim *evil grin).

We then sprinted together towards Corporal Jasper and did another round of 60 reps Deep Squat jumps. The legs were burning, the quadriceps and hamstrings were screaming louder after the 20th count but we... James Fong, Joe Liew and I paced together and completed the painful 60 leg workout repetitions which was short of being classified as torture. The legs were so 'jelly', we could not run to Corporal Nawal but struggled to walk instead until Sarge Dann re-appeared behind us and in his assertive tone of voice... "James, Armin.. Joe, no walking, pace with me" as he escorted us to Corporal Nawal's station before disappearing again into the morning darkness.

We completed the 3 laps before the command 'Steady' and Sarge Dann changes the workout profile.

We were still with Corporal Nawal and had just completed the third laps with the 60 reps military situps. The workout was then changed to the Jack Knives.... Yes, the same 60 repetitions for Delta, 50 reps for Seal and Ranger 40 repetitions. I could not resist but to scream to James Fong whom were lying next to me.... "James... My 6-pack abs said hello!!!!!" The abs were on fire and an orchestra of moans was heard from the field. Pacing our speed and count in a group helped us keeping track of our forms and counts. After completing the abs workout with Corporal Nawal whom refuse to let us three out of sight  and making sure our forms are nothing but perfect, we moved on to Corporal Chun for 60 repetitions of Elbows to hands.

No it was not easy but having James Fong and Joe Liew  side by side helped kept the momentum. We strive through the Elbow to hands workout being extra motivated when Corporal Chun stood smack infront of us performing the workout together!!! One thing that I am proud of our trainers.. they never fail to workout with us... and they are always fitter and better no matter how hard we strive to be better.

After the Elbow to Hand, we sprinted to Corporal Jasper for 60 repetitions of Switch Lunges...At this juncture, the quadriceps stop talking to me but with James Fong and Joe Liew counting outloud and pacing together, there is no way we can stalled and/or attempt to cheat. After that 60 reps, we sprinted to Corporal Nawal without wanting to waste time.. but the leg refused to move!!! and as we struggled to walk, Sarge Dann again re-appeared out of no where and that assertive tone of voice was echo'd... "SPRINT TO CORPORAL NAWAL!!! NO WALKING!!" and needless to say, the stupid leg suddenly moved by itself???

At Corporal Nawal's station, after completing the Jackknives, Sarge Dann commanded STEEEEADY!!!! ...and he change the workout to the third workout.

The mid-section workout was changed to Get-Up situps. 60 reps of Get-up situps worked the mid-section for a firmer waist but doing it after 60 repetitions of jackknives...... sore was an understatement.

After painfully contracted the abs muscle for 120 repetitions, we rushed to Corporal Chun for the 'Table-tops'. Ryan Wong was very excited thrusting his... errr... up to form the 'table tops'. James Fong, Joe Liew and me.... were slowly together counting outloud motivating each other all the way to the count of 60 repetitions and moved to Corporal Jasper and saw other recruits performing Grunts!!!! 

Alamak!!! GRUNTS.. "lets bypass Corporal Jasper and go straight to Corporal Nawal, we joked while slowing down to catch a breath. Suddenly, we heard Corporal Jasper commanded....."Armin, James & Joe Liew.... do 5 Grunts extra for stalling!!!" Eeek.... 

After the 5 Grunts for walking instead of running, we almost died with the 60 Grunts.... !!! Half dead, we went to Corporal Nawal but before performing the Getup situps again, Sarge Dann commanded steady to change the workout to the fourth and the last circuit.

The last mid-section workout with Corporal Nawal was the ankle tap, we raised our leg up 90 degree and reach up to tap the ankle by contracting the abs muscle for 60 reps. Yes.... my 6-pack said hello again!!!! with a sore abs, numb legs and throbbing chest... we ran to Corporal Chun for another 60 repetitions of T-pushup!!! T-PUSHUPS!!!

After 60 reps of T-pushups, we sprinted again (did not dare to walk now to avoid extra Grunts) to Corporal Jasper for .... err crazy fxxx Stutter Squat Jump. The stutter squat jump... was .... censored.

In summary, we did a total 540 repetitions mixtures of pushup, 540 repetitions of leg workout and 540 mixtures of ABS workout!!!

Now... thats why it took 2 days to complete this blog... The whole body was sore!!! I cant wait for tomorrow's workout... wonder what does Sarge Dann has in store for us........

Until tomorrow...... Stay Tune.......


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