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It is impossible to plateau at the CHIEF ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, Malaysia!!! A bunch of us (including me) now had entered into our 3rd year training under the program with the same drive and energy but stronger stamina and strength. This is one of the main factor on how and why the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP AUSTRALIA (our principal) is now into their 20th year since establishment in 1991. Although we are a toddler being only 1 year old in Malaysia but the 20th years of experience backing, supporting and designing a world-class training program delivered to you only at the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP by CHIEF's qualified instructors is a journey in it self.

After 3 years of training under the program, I lost my shoulder and legs again!!? I mean.... I still cant feel my legs and shoulders after the session today. Here I am, thinking I should be accustom to the workout but completing the session today was pain-stalking. Not that kind of pain but the other kind of pain... you know what I mean? Chief Brabon once said, if you struggled and find it difficult to complete a session, it means you have had a good session. That is what the program is about and that is what the instructors are train to do.... to make sure that every recruit gave 110% effort for the whole 1 hour! There are not there to be your friend but to extract your best potential.

The Otais (Old-Timer) were surprised and welcome back Lessa Tan!! Leesa Tan was our recruit but she had moved to become an expatriate overseas and occasionally comes back to Malaysia for a break. Leesa Tan, anytime you are back, please come for training!! Although you still maintain that lean and athletic physique but you still need to train. Welcome back Leesa Tan.

Today, we had some alignment done to our legs with the stutter squat, squat jump and 'side' lunges. We had those fats around the waist line loosened with the Military situps, scissors kicks, T-pushups. We had the breast... I mean the chest firmed-up with the military pushups, shoulder press, elbows to hand. We also had a heart bursting workout with the sprints & drop down, long jumps and bear walk!!

Although I was working out far away from John Chuah... but I saw you John!! :-p working out beside Rienna Choo makes it impossible to be a stallion.... and if near Ody Nurfuadi Ruzalli.. makes me feel so old!! Ody you sure you not suppose to join the Seal Pups instead, they are your size heee? :-p but yesss.. I saw John Chuah... John whats that? :-p Joannita Zaleha Yusof? Me..? I am on rebranding phase.... what shall I be if I am not a STALLion.... hmm

It was good to see the mojo in all recruits with an orchestra of moaning with endless Ooohs & Aaaahs... Yaa.. it was that syiiok until almost everybody just cannot tahan and scream. Now counting down for Session 3!! Wonder what will be in store for us.....


p/s.... Dont forget this weekend is the NTV7 run.. There will be a photo-shoot (by NTV 7 I think...) so please be in your OBC Tee.. or COBC Vest! ;-)


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