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8 WEEK CHALLENGE 2011- part 1

There is no better time to participate in Australia's most seek after dietary program than now!! Why?

(1) Because we have been on MAKANSutra for the past.. err 2 weeks for the Eid Mubarak (Hari Raya) celebration!! Actually, it was not because we want to break our diet but it is actually customary and polite to try out and eat every meal that was served during open houses (make believe).

(2) Because the food for this year's diet was localise to Asian taste!! Yes we hear your last year's year feedback Yam Chan SiuCheh (and all ex-8WC'ians)... last year the food ingredient was not so conducive and abit exorbitant but this year.. hopefully, we will even have a price tag and everywhere-can-buy ingredients.

3) Because... Of course we want to be healthy and especially gorgeous and sexy with hot ass like Mek Yam!!

4) There will be one winner per participating platoon as oppose to last year's only one overall winner worldwide which our Otai and 4 times SOB James Fong was one of the finalist!

He received a RM300 voucher at NIKE store. Meaning, if I register all our platoons, there will be one winner for every platoon.

How much does it cost to participate? 
To participate, you must be a paid recruit at the CHIEF's ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP and pay AUD29.95 (Approximately RM90.00) for the 8 Weeks Challenge.

When does it start?
The CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ Eight Week Challenge starts on Monday 26th Sept and Finishes on Friday 18th Nov 2011.

For more information and FAQ click HERE.

For only AUD29.95 (Approx RM90.00), recruit will get:

  • A copy of INFERNO™ Eating program and Recipe Library + Additional Lean Muscle Building guidelines for guys
  • Access to INFERNO™ Mentoring & Support Group
  • Access to INFERNO™ Metabolic Conditioning workout videos and mentoring (launching prior to the challenge), including Lean Muscle Building workouts for guys
  • Additional discounts on all Body Science (BSc) supplements, including their new no-carb range


  • Challenge specific website:
  • Challenge specific Facebook group
  • Online results tracking and voting
  • Daily emails to participants providing mentoring, support & motivation
  • Additional guidance to guys looking to increase their lean muscle mass throughout the challenge

  • Advice on supplementation
  • Prizes and recognition of achievements on a Platoon by Platoon basis
  • Fortnightly participant updates that can be viewed on line to help keep participants motivated
  • Videos of all supplemental workouts (this will include travel workouts in case participants miss bootcamp sessions)
  • A defined schedule of dates so that all participants start and finish on the same days, and know exactly how and when to upload their images & details.
Do not wait, register now and start planning to look younger, fitter and sexier!!! Register now at HERE.

You need to submit your pre-challenge profile and photos on or before 24th September 2011 at HERE.

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  1. June and Bobbee is on! 8weekschallenge here "The Chung" sisters come. Hooyah!

  2. EL,

    Yaaa... the most happening sisters are in!!! YAHOOO.. :-D

  3. Hi Armin. I havent been active with COBC program/training but I want to join the 8WC. Can you please let me know whether the following steps are correct?

    1) Pay the registration fee (AUD29.95).
    2) Enroll COBC program(how much is the monthly fee again?).
    3) Complete and update the "Post Challenge Profile".
    4) Participate in the COBC training.


  4. Hi Shukry,

    Yes, please register and pay online AUD29.95 at the link as written in my blog.

    then enroll with COBC program (Its RM299 per month) for October & November 2011.

    You will then receive a confirmation of the enrollment as well as the 8WC.

    Complete the Post Challenge Profile and participate in the training.

    Which location are you enlisted? Hope to see you soon.


  5. Hi Armin,
    Thanks for the info.
    I was from DH Zulu.

    InsyaAllah will see you soon.


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