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There is nothing much to be missed if you had never tasted a luxury lifestyle but once you had it and lost it, living without it is a lot harder... infact, it can be damn hard. Having maids to cook, clean, wash-up, serves us endless and tirelessly 24 hours 7 days a week is a luxury that most people are enjoying but life without a maid is actually nothing but a better lifestyle!! If you dont believe me.. see how fast and fit Delta Norliza Affandi and Nawal Aini Zulkifli is! They both had their fair share of moment without maids.

The trick is.. be positive.. look at the bright side. At least there is still a house to be clean. Some people had to be forced out of their house due to economic downturn and some had to vacate due to environment setback such as those in Perlis sufering from mega flood. Secondly, which is more important is for fitness and health. Fitness and fat lost should be everyone's goal in life. Lets take a quick look at my polar performing the following household chores. Yes.. believe it or not, Armin is the maid of honour. Abit higher grade than indons and banglas.

Normal household chores based on my weight of 70kg, age, gender and a 7,000 sq ft size burns calorie as follows (base on my polar):

Vacuuming 15 minutes - 93 cal
Mopping the floor 15 minutes - 97 cal
Cleaning glasses, windows & tables 5 minutes - 50 cal
Wash Dishes (standing or in General- Not broken into stand/walk component) 10 mins - 40 calorie
Make-up bed, re-arranging wardrobe, cleaning shower, toilets - 15 minutes - 105
Laundry - hantar dobi/laundry shop daa - No calorie burn

Since we were conned by the maid whom never returned wasting our flight ticket and running away from unpaid debts of more than RM3,000 exactly 8 days ago, my every morning at 5am on non-bootcamp days or 7am on bootcamp days is an hour routine of High Intensity Interval Cleaning (HIIC)... as in HIGH INTENSITY!! The whole 7,000 sq ft in less than 1 hour with only 30 seconds water break, after each section. I can almost can hear Sarge (COBC) Dann's screaming in position 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.....

Now enjoying a cuppa coffee in a beautiful clean house and almost 400 calorie down!! Life is just so wonderful. No wonder Norliza Affandi is super fit and Nawal Aini is lean and slim.



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