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Well one wonders why does it cost RM299 for a one month session at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia? I do not know why other bootcamp charge the same fee at RM299 or even cheaper (they know best how much their bootcamp is worth) but ours are charged RM299 for various reason and some of it were stated below:
  • The program is designed by former and currently serving Royal Australian Infantry soldier with over 21 years of military-inspired bootcamp experience (hence, the military-inspired training) that guarantees result in 2 weeks or money back guarantee! 
  • Yes, as stated: 2 weeks, hassle-free, money back guarantee if you do not feel or see the result.
  • Trained only with original equipments with some, imported from USA.
  • COBC Instructors that are accredited and trained ONLY by world's oldest Military-Fitness expert, New Balance & Body Science Ambassador Chief Brabon & Gunny Brabon.  
  • You get a PASSPORT (for MC12 recruit) to trained anywhere at the Original Bootcamp Australia's more than 50 locations and also at anywhere in Malaysia's 7 locations. So start planning for a Bootcamp-hopping from Penang, Kuala Lumpur and all the way to Coogee beach, Australia.
  • An automatic acceptance into world's best motivated and aspiring community. Trust me, the only way we can get our motivation lifted higher and higher is through and by the crowd that we hang out with.

  • Qualify to participate in Australia's most talked about 8 Weeks Challenge and may get the opportunity to be featured on cover page of various local and international fitness magazines!! Yes, it is a dream come true.
  • RM299 is translated to only RM25 per session for a guaranteed result training and program. We all know that a personal trainers would cost as high as RM200 per session for a professional coach or on average RM100 to RM150 per session for a junior coach.
 So why pay more or less for a program that is proven with endless great testimonies. Do not wait, seat and placement is limited on first register & pay, first serve basis.


For first-timer (including Groupon Voucher), register now at HERE. For Groupon, please ignore the fee stated (and choose cash) as you would have paid via the voucher. Please do not forget to email the voucher & the system-generated welcoming email to:

For COBC past or existing recruits, register now buy clicking Members Only at HERE.


If you are paying by Credit Card, please click HERE.

Otherwise, you can bank in direct or transfer online (for CIMB to CIMB OR Maybank to Maybank ONLY). For other Banks, please bank-in direct.

CIMB: 1258-000-261-5059 (Account name: ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP)
Maybank: 5127 6360 1954 (Account Name: ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP)

NOTE: Please state in the description of the fund-transfer/bank-in with the following details: COBC/TRAINING LOCATION/ TRAINING TIME. Example: COBC/Bandar Utama/5:45am-6:45am). Once payment has been made, please screen shot the payment page / or take a picture of the bank-in slip with your handphone then email to

Your registration is confirmed once you receive the System-Generated Welcoming Email which you need to forward the email with the payment screen-shot/picture attached.

DECEMBER INTAKE starts on 26 November  (Mon, Wed, Fri) and 27 November (Tue, Thu, Sat). Training Calender for December is as follows:


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