Public Voting for 2012 Chief's Original Bootcamp 8 WEEK CHALLENGE Semi-Finalist was closed last night and the system extracted out those with the most number of voting points received. For more information on the 8 Week Challenge, click HERE. For more information on Chief's Original Bootcamp, click HERE. Those that made it a step closer to being voted into Finals are listed below. This year, 12 recruits from COBC Malaysia was voted into Semi-Finals compared to only 1 from Malaysia and we are very proud of them. Last year, only Kym Wishnowski from COBC Malaysia that was voted into Semi-Finals. On behalf of COBC team and the winners, thank you all for the votes.

From the 85 Semi-Finalists, all franchisees in the network will vote and short-list the Top 20 best transformation for the Finals!! The 85 Semi-Finalists are as follows:

1 Daniel Ringrose
2 Koy Han Lian
3 Affiq Zakie
4 Umesh Narasimhaiah
5 Daniel Poonoosamy
6 Simon Koay Qing Jie
7 Brent Smith
8 Rebecca Parker
9 Brad McLean
10 Sasha Dedic
11 Brendon Hill
12 Carly Coleman
13 Rachel
14 Michael Di Guglielmo
15 Marta Chylewska
16 Shane Beetson
17 Daniel Kahn
18 Anastasia
19 Maslina Ahmad Ismail
20 Xeniya
21 Natalia Zhilinskaya
22 Michael Webb
23 Cassy
24 Kwei Yee Wong
25 michael Borg
26 Angela Winter
27 Hollie Henshaw
28 Marie Josephe
29 Jaycob McCormick
30 Connie Beattie
31 Bec Ephraums
32 Ang Shi Qun*
33 Rienna Choo
34 Liam Kelly
35 Lee Yun Chun
36 Melisa
37 Alex
38 Pete Wildman
39 Karl Fennis
40 Alyssa Grabb
41 Abdul Azizam
42 Owen
43 Angela Maan
44 Ian Zammit
45 Robert Menezes-Baker
46 Reuben
47 Jay
48 Ashleigh Lascelles
49 Scott Clarke
50 Sonja Freeman
51 Mark Tozer
52 Matt Hollier
53 Chris McGillivray
54 Isaac
55 Kinson Cheung
56 Matthew Howard Lewis
57 Anna Madden
58 Dave Gittins
59 Vincent Ochiel
60 Stewart
61 Marc Gibson
62 Daniela
63 James Henville
64 Milan Medved
65 Caitlin
66 Cameron Barton
67 Jillian Lee
68 Afiza Abdul Halin
69 Jayde Mulvihill
70 Chris Davies
71 Ashley Badcock
72 Josh Wallace
73 Shannan Craig
74 Alexandra Brown
75 Kate Watkinson
76 Lauren
77 Daniel Trevor Jackson
78 Luke Ibbotson
79 Stathis Alexiou
80 Jacki Mclean
81 Graham Meredith
82 David Tripp
83 Aaron
84 Jay Middleton
85  Ang Shi Qun*

*Double entry.

Both Dr Malek Aziz and Armin Baniaz Pahamin being overwhelmed with the result of our 8WC Challengers are pleased to announced that we are both personally sponsoring a reward to each location with recruit that was voted into Semi-Finals but were not the local winners. For Penang and Bandar Utama with more than 1 recruit (voted into Semi-Final), the COBC team will vote for only 1 of the recruit to win the award. These Challengers will be named as the location 1st Runner-up. 

The list of Location- 1st Runner-up are as follows:

Penang 1st-Runner up
(The team deliberated but could not determine the 1st Runner-up and have decided to make it a Co-Winner).
1) Abdul Azlizam
2) Kwei Yee Wong

Bandar Utama 1st Runner up
(The team deliberated but could not determine the 1st Runner-up and have decided to make it a Co-Winner).
1) Rienna Choo 
2) Umesh Narasamhaiah

Damansara Heights 1st Runner-up
1) Maslina Ahmad Ismail

Ampang 1st Runner-up
1) Lee Chun Yun

Subang Jaya USJ1 
None from USJ1 was voted into Semi-Finals.

What are the prizes?

The 1st Runner-Up will win a total value of RM399 in prizes in particular, 1 month of Military Corps MC12 training worth RM299 and a RM100 New Balance Vouchers.

Stay tuned for the list of the 2012 Chief's Original Bootcamp 8 Week Challenge Finals!!!

Thank you again to all that voted. HOOYAH!!