There is ONLY 1 day left for the Challengers with the best physical transformation to be voted into the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) 2012 8-Week Challenge Semi-Finals. For more information on COBC, click HERE and to read more on the 8 Week Challenge 2012, click HERE.

Public voting for the Semi-Finalist will end at midnight tomorrow (Australia time), Sunday 4th November 2012. On 5th November the voted semi-finalists will be announced to all Franchisee whom will then cast their votes for the finalist (latest by 9am (Australia time)!!!

On 6th November, the judging panel will choose the Grand Champion & Runners-up and prizes will be awarded on 8th/9th November 2012.

Today, on behalf of Chief Brabon, Gunny Brabon, Dr Malek Aziz and all franchisees, I am pleased to announce the Local Winners for 2012. We apologized for the delay in the announcement.. The suspense and the waiting added the thrill to the announcement!!! If you look at every pre- & post 8WC pictures, every Challengers are already a Winner!! Their transformation was everybody's dream come true.  There were 5 locations (also known as Battalion) being contested in Malaysia, namely Ampang, Bandar Utama, Damansara Heights, Subang Jaya USJ1 and Penang. Each of the Local Winners will get RM1,000 New Balance Vouchers.

The winners for the local Champions are as follows:


 - Koy Han Lian       

Bandar Utama 
-  Afiza Abdul Halin

Damansara Heights 
- Affiq Zakie

Subang Jaya USJ1 
- Marie How

-Simon Koay (Co-Champion)

-Ang Shi Qun (Co-Champion)

Both Simon Koay and Ang Shi Qun had equal votes for Penang. Penang was the only location with Co-Champions. The Co-Champions will share the prize for the Local Champion.

For recruits that was not voted to be the local Champion, please remember you can still win if you are voted into Semi Finals. Please get all your family, relatives and friends to get their friends to vote too.

The WINNERS for MALAYSIA Champion will be announced shortly!! Please do not forget to vote for more of our recruit into Semi-Finals. Last year, only 1 recruit from Malaysia was voted. Please vote for MALAYSIA!!

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