RECORD BROKEN!! The Chief's Original Bootcamp Malaysia broke history when three (3) of its contestants were voted into Australia 8 Week Challenge Finals!!! For more information on the 8 Week Challenge, click HERE. For more information on Chief's Original Bootcamp, click HERE.
From the 85 Semi-Finalist, shortlisting of the top 15 were pretty straight forward, it was only when Head Office were down to choosing the final 5 that things got a little tougher as the points spread was pretty wide. In the end the team settled on 25 Finalists (See below in Alphabetical order by first name). Three challengers from Malaysia made it to the Finals breaking Chief's Original Bootcamp/Original Bootcamp Australia history!! Never did any challengers from Malaysia that made it to the final. The three were Rienna Choo, Abdul Azizam and Umesh Narasimhaiah.
Abdul Azizam 
Alex Connor 
Alyssa Grabb 
Angela Winter 
Brad McLean 
Brent Smith 
Cassy  Cameron
Daniel Poonoosamy 
Daniel Ringrose 
Hollie Henshaw 
Ian Zammit 
James Henville 
Kinson Cheung 
Liam Kelly 
Marta Chylewska 
Matt Hollier 
Michael Di Guglielmo 
Milan Medved 
Rebecca Parker 
Rienna Choo 
Robert Menezes-Baker 
Scott Clarke 
Shane Beetson 
Umesh Narasimhaiah 
Xeniya Alpatova

These 25 individuals should be extremely proud of themselves as they represent the top 4% of all participants, and as you have seen by the incredible results right across the network this year, they have well and truly earned the right to be recognized.

This list of Finalists will be sent out to the Independent Judging Panel this morning with hope we will have a result ready to announce by tomorrow morning. Honestly, we do not envy their job as it is extremely hard to separate the top 10.

This years Judging Panel includes:

The Editor of Men’s Fitness
The Editor of SHAPE
The Editor of UltraFIT
The National Marketing Director of New Balance Australia
One of the Directors of BodyScience International

Until then, Stay Tuned!!