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This morning, Bandar Utama Alpha had the pleasure of having COBC Co-Owner Dr Malek Aziz to train with the Delta at BUA and his presence had the Delta rocked the session abit noisier than usual. Dr Malek Aziz, my business partner had stationed himself to build Ampang (our platoon that is closest to his resident) for already almost a year and Ampang since then, had secured an average per month registration of more than 30 recruits. Two years before that, Dr Malek Aziz and Farhanah Bamadhaj had ACE all session at BUA but now, Ampang became Dr Malek's play ground. Recruits at BUA guesses Dr Malek Aziz in his 40s when asked of his age and was shocked to learn that he is already in his 60s... and a Delta!! ...and a cancer survival.

With Dr Malek Aziz at BUA, we had some sort of a small re-union with pioneer recruits. Dr Malek Aziz and Farhanah Bamadhaj were indescribably speechless to see those recruits at BUA whom they last met during COBC graduation party in December last year looking somewhat.. err.. really different. Now they all look really sexy, lean and fit. Dr Malek Aziz & Farhanah Bamadhaj made a special appearance at BUA to grace and present the prize to Rienna Choo, her long overdue 8 Week Challenge 2012 prize. After many failed attempt to gather all winners of the 2012 8WC, we have decided to visit all those winners at their respective platoons.. train with them, camwhore a little (I mean a heckuvalot) and give-out their prizes and Bandar Utama was the first Platoon that was visited. With many recruits rushed back after the session for work, the leftovers had a splendid time camwhoring!!

When it comes to camwhoring.. all seemed to have a natural talent!!

Rienna Choo won a RM3,000 New Balance vouchers and the latest Vibram Five Finger Spyridon. Congratulation & Well Done Rienna Choo.

Coincidentally, Megan Lok baked some saliva drooling, yummilicious 8WC cheese cup cakes and desserts to share with her comrade which she has been very kind (to us all) for the past few sessions (with two tray of desserts).

We ate them to sort of celebrate Rienna Choo's prize presentation (trust the bootcamper to find a reason to eat). Coincidentally too, it was Megan's birthday and our BU comrade, Janis Lim baked and brought another cake especially for Megan.

Janis Lim surprises Megan with a birthday cake!!
 ... and we sang birthday song the Bootcamp style on table top form. Dr Malek Aziz and Farhanah Bamadhaj were both fortunate to be at BUA with a double coincident- cakes!

Err.. maybe I was the fortunate ones to have such a yummy delicacies!!

Ooh.. sedapnya!!

With LC Amir having his new smart phone, there seemed to be a camwhoring war now ongoing at most platoons. Below were some snapshots extracted from Facebook from recruit's camera as well as Sarge Nawal for Damansara Heights platoon and LC Amir for Bandar Utama & Subang Jaya platoons.

For more pictures of COBC camwhoring sessions.. Goto Instagram and search for #COBC & #Chiefs Original Bootcamp (note: there is no ' ).

April registration is now open, the management of COBC had agree to re-open the WIP package. For more details on COBC promotion- click HERE. Be a part of the most inspiring and motivating bootcamp!!



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