The best give to life, is a perfect bill of health!! and the bonus of earning one, is a head turning physique... or vice-versa, a head-turning physique with a bonus of a perfect health... Whichever.. it does not matter but its a two in one kinda deal. For the past 8 weeks, slightly less than 100 recruits (from a total of more than 700 participants worldwide) had enrolled and registered in the fourth 8-Week Challenge, Summer 2013 edition that challenges recruit to get the best health and bodies in a short span of 8 Weeks!!
The 8 weeks had ended on 31 March 2013 and the next turn of event will be the announcement of the winners!! Many participants had fell off the bandwagon before the end of the challenge but there are many more Malaysian that was so committed to getting their goals. 
To recognize their hardwork, we ask for all Malaysian to vote for our fellow Malaysians to be in the world's most talked about health and fitness challenge semi-finals. Every vote count and unlike the forthcoming Malaysia 13th General Election, everyone from Barisan Nasional and Pakatan can vote for Malaysian to win against Australia. 
   The next turn of event is as follows:
Wednesday 3rd April:
Voting for Local Champions by Franchisees & Instructors
Public voting for Overall Semi-Finalists will open through Facebook (DONE!! Pending announcement)

Sunday 7th April:
Public Voting closes at 11:59pm AEST. To vote, please click here ->

Monday 8th April:
Voting for Overall Finalists will be completed by Franchisees and Lead Instructors. Voting Closes at 9:00pm AEST

Tuesday 9th April:
Grand Champion and Overall Runner-up will be chosen by our panel of impartial judges. Voting will be completed by 5:00pm AEST

Wednesday 10th April:
Grand Champion and Overall Runner-up will be announced
Below are some examples of a head turning physical transformation extracted from COBC Facebook Group at HERE.

 Please vote for them to be selected into Semi-Finals at