Dr Malek Aziz, a Co-Licensee at the Chief's Original Bootcamp (COBC) Malaysia turned 60 years old today on 14 June 2013. Dr Malek Aziz does not need any introduction to those within the bootcamp fraternity. The still-practicing dentist has been working out with the COBC program consistently for 4 years now and is still very hyper-active and would easily overtake, in speed and exercise form any younger recruits half his age when they all trained together.We would end up being call the Pakcik instead of him.

The Delta and a father of 5 great children has nothing but humility and humour when he socializes
with anyone from any age group and/or from any race and status. He can even become the 10 years old, Aaraf's best friend. Dr Malek is not only humble and funny but he is also a great listener. If anyone ever need a friend to talk, a shoulder to cry on or even a friend to rely and trust, he will always be there.

Dr Malek, like me.. survived terminal cancer and we workout primarily to maintain our health. Although we are both business men but at COBC, it was never about business and making money but its all about rejoicing a community that share similar passion for health and fitness.

I am blessed We are blessed to have a friend and a partner like Dr Malek. Bro, May you have the best health, Happiness and Wealth on your 60th birthday today and more.. on more birthday to come!!



  1. Happy birthday Dr Malek. U doesnt look 60 at all. I guess bootcamp is way more better than anti aging product. May Allah always bless you and your family. Bootcamp for life. Hope one day i can dive underwater with you as well. -shuhid


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