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Amazing Bangkok! If you are visiting Bangkok with kids, a must visit place is the Art in Paradise; Bangkok Trickeye 3D Museum located at 4th Floor, Esplanade Shopping Mall, Ratchadapisek Road Din Daeng, Bangkok, Thailand 10400. The amazing artwork is open from 10am to 10pm and it only cost 300baht (approx RM30) for foreigner Adult and 200 Baht (RM20) for foreigner child. Local Khun Thai (or half Khun Thai like me), only pays 180 baht (RM18).

You will be amazed at the real life or bring to life art exhibit at the Museum. It is particularly exciting if you are camwhores like us. If you are an acute camwhores, do reserve at least half a day for unlimited poses and camwhoring.

Most of the pictures were drawn on either the floor or the wall. It look so real.

Climbing out from a picture window.

What do you see? two old couple or a mostauche man playing guitar with his wife and a child?

Where else can you surf without getting wet?!!

Get me out of this bottle! I promise I wont look at other girls..

Aaraf!!! Come out!!

Stairways to heaven!!! 

Rhino Gatal!!

Snow boarding!!

It was so cold in the Atlantic..

A hole in the ground.

Walking on a shuttle overlooking the earth.

Psst.. this way.. 

After my friend Datuk Mohanadas, I was the second to reach the Mt Everest Peak!!

RAJA BOMOH!!! On flying carpet!!

Besides hanging around...

She also likes to shop..

and she make sure, Aaraf had me busy..

Breath of a dragon..


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