It takes a foreigner to appreciate PROTON. Sadly, that is how Malaysians are. Well.. not all but most of those who are active on cyber. If we take the few thousands on my Facebook friend list as a sampling to represent Malaysia population, then it is safe to say more than the majority whom would be picking on every flaws of our beloved country.

Many years ago, I befriended a Korean student whom was dating my friend, lets call him Mr A. Mr A bought his girlfriend, this Korean Student the latest Nokia Handphone (during Nokia's prominent years) as a gift on her birthday having noticed the old almost kaput Samsung hp the student was using. The Korean student returned the Nokia Handphone back to her boyfriend saying she could not accept it and when my friend refused to take it back (maybe takut buruk siku as the old folk Malay belief), she gave it away. Although her handphone was old and almost non-functional, she would not use any made in other countries products.  I was dumbstruck.

I have another foreign friend from Iran whom is a student and residence in Malaysia. He spoke highly and praises Malaysia to all his friends at how Malaysia government build a whole new city (Putrajaya) with tax payers money because in his country and or other countries that he has been, he has never seen anything like this.

In Malaysia, I saw many friends whom uses SHELL and refuse to use Petronas believing SHELL is a better petrol (not referring to my friends whom are working with Shell).

I cant speak on behalf of anyone, but truthfully.. I am disappointed and at times, disgusted reading at various comments made on Cyber and Facebook with regard our own countrymen, nation and especially Malaysia products. It is time we all stay united not only as fellow Malaysian but also in support to made in Malaysia products. If foreigners can see the beauty of Malaysians, Malaysia and our products, I am sure we can appreciate it even more.