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Petua Daun Pokok Betik (Tips using Papaya leaves).

They say Papaya leaves juice is the best remedy for Dengue and me being me, after being almost certain that Aaraf has dengue with his fever above 40 degrees, sore with infected throat, diarrhea and nauseate; I immediately started Aaraf on the papaya leaves juice even though its only his second day since the high fever.

We brought Aaraf to the Damansara Specialist Hospital immediately on the first day he had fever but was told Dengue can only be detected on day 4 to day 5 after the first symptom- high fever.

I was skeptic of this petua but I could not bear looking at my son crying in high fever above 40 degrees, face & eyes so red, screaming in the middle of the night with nightmares and sleep walking etc..

How do we prepare the Papaya Leaves extract? First you will need to get the papaya leaves (of course!!).  Luckily there was a wild papaya tree at my house. Second, you will need to have Anny.. Kidding. Anny is mine. You will need to get your own Anny to assist. Take 2 of the leaves (an average age leaves that is neither too young or too old) and remove all the leave bones (urat daun) and keep only the leaves (see picture below). The next step is as per the step by step picture below.

Take two table spoon of the juice twice a day. To get Aaraf to take the juice, I had to take it with him and seriously..... I have never tasted anything more bitter than that. Punya pahit yang tak masuk akal!!! After I took the sample portion, Anny added and mix the papaya leaves juice with honey for Aaraf's ease of consumption (now you tell me!!).

After taking the juice, Aaraf fever came down from 40 degrees to 37 degrees within approximately 30-45 minutes. According to research, the papaya leaves extract strengthens and increases the platelets which is usually destroyed by dengue. There are other benefits of the papaya leaves for skin etc... (you can google & research for more information).

Two days later (today, which was 4 days after his high fever on Sunday) Aaraf went for a blood test to check for dengue and the result came out negative. Alhamdulillah.. 

If you or your children is diagnosed with dengue, do try out this Papaya Leaves extract.


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