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We left Dato Dr Prashant Nadkarni practice on 2 May 2014 with a high hope of having a baby without having to go through the IVF or ICSI. According to Dr Prashant, male fertility can either improved or worsens after a high doses of chemotherapy & radiotherapy (even after 25 years) and the only way to determine it, is via a semen test which was suppose to be done during the first visit but I could not DIY in the toilet. (Read: First-Visit HERE)

So we scheduled impatiently for the semen test to be done today, 5 May 2014 at the convenient and the comfort of our home. I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmed. Like any other fathers, I want a big family and the thought of a big family at the dinner table everynight and at gatherings during festive seasons was simply indescribable.

After err... ejaculating into the sterilized bottle, we quickly rushed to the KL Fertility Centre and waited for the result scheduled at the fix appointment 1:15pm. We left for Nandos half chicken breast and Steamboat at the Ikano during the 2 hours waiting and arrived back at the KL Fertility Center at 12:50pm.

After more than an hour of waiting, half asleep we were called in by the nurse to meet Dr Prashant. For a moment in-waiting, I was cursing the government hospital thinking, private hospitals had picked-up the non-punctuality and long waiting for patience during the compulsory 2 years requirement for all doctors to work at the government upon graduation. We would think, private practice would be more professional and punctual in patients booking time and management. Maybe they should have "customer management" as a module during medical undergraduate study. This non-punctual waiting time has to improved. In boredom, we capitalize the waiting-time with a selfie....

My heart quickly skipped a beat hearing the nurse's call.. fingers crossed while reciting some prayers for me too to be healthy to bear more children without any need of alternative means. The exorbitant cost is one thing but the trauma with the daily injections for Anny, her depression and mood swing, the uncontrolled appetite and other effects associated with IVF, ICSI was not appetizing.

We entered, sat and starred at Dr Prashant in his room and he, being professional, began with some introductory statements which I was quite familiar with. In short, the quantity, motility and quality of the sperm failed in all categories.. worst than before. Meaning, the conventional hard work will not bear fruits. My heart sank... but there are options.

So what are the options: There are two (2) options:

1) To build a stronger and better quality sperm. Sperm took three (3) months to be produced. Meaning, whatever is tested today, was produced 3 months ago and in the last 3 months, for whatever reason, the quality, quantity and motility could have been affected.  So, Option 1 entails a proper supplementation and dieting for 3 months to enhance and produce stronger sperm.

2) ICSI- Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (view video at HERE). Although the quantity and quality is poor, I still produced 1.4 million (healthy men produces more than 20million) and the ICSI only require a maximum 13 (out of the 1.4m) to be fertilized with Anny's 13 eggs. So, yes.. there are possibility.

Decisions.. decisions... For now, I think we may opt for Option 1 and check again in August 2014 and if there is no improvement, then we'll opt for the last resort; the ICSI.

To start with, I was prescribed with the following supplements:

1) Proxeed Plus : 5g sachet daily for 3 months
2) Tribulus Terrestris (tibestan) 250mg film coated tablets.
3) Vitamin C
4) Omega 3/ Fish oil
5) Berocca
6) regular exercise (Yes!! At Chief's Original Bootcamp)
(for 3 months)

For Anny:

1) Centrum Multi Vitamin
2) Folic Acid
3) Berocca
(for at least, 3 months)

The total cost for today: RM600
This includes Consultation (RM120), Proxeed Plus (RM300 per 1 month supply), Tribestan (RM180 per 1 month supply).

Part of me just could not wait for 3 months and feels like doing the ICSI now..... Stay tuned for a detailed description of ICSI, its cost and procedures.

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