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Eat breakfast like a King they say but who knows what King actually eat for breakfast. What I do know, my breakfast can be a bit elaborated... okay, maybe alot. Today I changed the ingredient of my regular breakfast.. from a skimmed Cow milk to Goats Milk... Yucksss.. I know that is everyone's first thought and that was mine too for the whole of my life until Jaya Grocer, Damansara Perdana completely ran out of Cow skim milk (yesterday).

Let us rewind it abit.. I've been on this breakfast schedule (except the Goats Milk) for years in my quest for a healthier life. My breakfast starts at  5am.

5:00am - 25 Ounce (740ml) of water mixed with 1MR pre-workout drink (For energy) and two raw (yes raw!! straight from the shell) ayam kampung eggs mixed with Honey (for energy and manthingy- they say its good for men)... Sometimes, with a wholemeal bread or Banana and sometimes without anything else before a workout at the Bootcamp at 545am.

7:00am, after Bootcamp -  25 ounce of Skim Milk (today- GOAT Milk), mixed with Protein drink & 2 table spoon of Lecithin (For muscle).

8:00am, fresh vegetable juices that comprised of Carrot, Cucumber, Apple and Bittergourd (for Diabetic, skin and anti-oxidant).

8:30am - Four (4) Three quarter boiled egg (1 yolk).

8:45am- Regular breakfast.. meaning, nasi goreng, nasi lemak, Chicken wrap etc..
Then the Arteries and Vein cleansing drink with Garlic, Ginger, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey juice (See: Tips)

That ought to keep me tummy occupied until the next makan session at 11am after the daily 9am tele-conferencing.

So.. How did the Goats Milk taste? If you take it straight from the box, it is actually sweeter than Cow's milk but when you mix it with protein drink, you can't tell the different. Goats milk is actually better than cow's milk and easier to digest. You can google and read more of the benefits of Goat milk versus Cow milk but one significant different is the price tag.. Goat Milk is almost double the price of Skim Cow's milk.

Brunch is at 11am... but that is a story for another blog. Until then, Stay Tuned...


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