If health can be measured as a utility such as money, what should we do when we are a millionaire? I mean, we work hard because we want to be wealthy and when we are, we want to be debt-free, we want to buy a new bungalow as a home, a brand new Aston Martin as a mean of transportation and/or maybe we want to go for a long holiday etc... but have we ever thought, what we want to do when with a good bill of health?!! Maybe you do but most people do not until they lost or almost lost their health.

Luxury is something we do not appreciate until we lose it. If we were never accustomed to luxury, we can live without any maid, driver, a house with swimming pool, without a big cars etc..  but once we have lived with all that and suddenly, for some reason we lost our job, our income and we have to do everything ourselves, we may just jump off the building or struggle to get by etc. Similarly, we will not feel the lost of a good health until we are diagnosed with some terminal cancer.

On that pre-text, if health can be measured in term of money, everyone now is already a millionaire because almost everyone are just so healthy and perfect (measured without any cancer which in a monetary term is similar to a bankrupt). Some people can still live being a bankrupt and some live a slow death.

So being a millionaire in health term.. what do you want to do? Honestly, this is one question only you can answer. Me..? I have done everything from being bed-ridden sicken with cancer to running marathons, cycling, dualthons, triathlon, mountain hiking, mountain climbing, open water swim, getting married (twice), being a father, work at bank, became a property developer, manufacturer for automotive parts, vendor in automotive and airlines, involved in oil concessions, advisors to listed co, automotive dealerships, work with government, elected into various NGOs etc etc etc... Time is too precious to be wasted with a good bill of health.

Similar to keeping ourselves wealthy by being employed/doing business etc, to keep ourselves healthy we must have a plan!!! If we spend more than our income, we will be in trouble! If we eat, work, party more than what our health can take, we will also be in trouble!!

If you do not have any plan for your health, let the Chief's Original Bootcamp do it for you. You do not need to plan what and how to exercise, that is all done for you for a nominal sum (see: Fees). You just need to surrender yourself for one hour, three times a week for four consecutive weeks every month. First timer, can try out for only RM99 per month (For more information, click HERE).

On the same note, we also understand that health and fitness is the primary source of income and a career for our national athletes. These are the group of people who are billionaires (in health term) with a good fitness and good look because they earn money by being physically strong, fit, healthy and good looking. If they lose their health, their lost is greater felt.

Because we want our national team to be stronger without any 'off-season' period, we are sponsoring the training for all Malaysia athletes at any of Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia locations.

If you are a member of our national athletes team or if you know anyone who is in the national team for any sports category, please tell them of our sponsorships. Just present your student ID from the Bukit Jalil Sports School or any proof being in the national team. For more information, contact our admin at 0173795988 or 0123145665 or simply email me at armin@bootcampmalaysia.com.

There is no strings attached and it is the least that we can do for our Malaysia team. For those national athletes who are our recruit, there may even be career opportunities for them to be part of our growing bootcamp network. HOOYAH!!

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