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The Girl Guides Association Malaysia took the lead to drive teenagers, in particular its members towards a healthier lifestyle. The drive saw the first gathering of hundred girls aged from 10 to 17 years old at its Girl Guides' Wilayah head office in Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, Kuala Lumpur. The program was the initiative of the National Commissioner for Junior Girl Guides at the National Headquarters of Girl Guides Association Malaysia, Chempaka Emalin Pahamin in a creative workshop with the theme, "Imagine More - Girls in the Lead". 

"We want to emphasize the importance of keeping our girls fit and healthy", said Chempaka Emalin Pahamin who has been planning the program for the past few months. "There will be four Girl Guides proficiency badges (Ranger and Brownie) to be awarded to Girl Guides who attended and passed the program", she added. The badges are as follows:

Proficiency Badge No. 45 Kecergasan (Pandu Puteri Remaja/Renjer PPPM)

Proficiency Badge No. 22: Ahli Sukan (Pandu Puteri Tunas/Brownie Girl Guides)  

Proficiency badge No. 23: (Kecergasan (Pandu Puteri Tunas/Brownie Girl Guides)

Games Go Global Badge: From the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). 

The bootcamp training has incorporated the criterias required for the girls to be awarded with those four badges. The collaboration between the Girl Guides Association Malaysia and the Chief's Original Bootcamp will enable the program to be made available every weekend at a few selected locations to cater for more than 7,000 Girl Guides in Klang Valley and if the girls are consistent without missing any sessions for the whole month, they will also receive the Chief's Original Bootcamp certificate of commendation and a Chief's Proficiency badge upon consistently attending the bootcamp for 3 consecutive months.

The training program that is base on the Chief's Original Bootcamp Seal Pup program, was designed to promote discipline, inculcate the spirit of teamwork, enhance self-confidence and instilled leaderships values and at the same time, brings out the best in the children's fitness. For more information on the Chief's Original Bootcamp, click HERE.

The same program was offered and was an optional curriculum for students at the Alice Smith International School and the Garden International School. The Chief's Original Bootcamp is proud and grateful to the Girl Guides Association Malaysia for being given the trust and responsibility to train the girls under their stewardship. We are also thankful to the parent of the children for without them, the children would not be able to attend the program. Health, fitness and the character of children are molded at a young age. The parent's commitment in ensuring their children consistent attendance is imperative and is as important as developing a successful bootcamp program.

For more information and to participate in the program, call 019 245 7222 / 011 2121 1533.

We wish the following participants the best in their bootcamp training and look forward to a healthier generation.

Ranger Girl Guides

1. Aqilah Deenah Mohammad Oryza
2. Samira Olei
3. Melati Enida Pahamin
4. Leng Foong Boon Stephanie
5. Kenanga Elyzze Pahamin     
6. Raja Nur Athina Raja Kamarudin
7. Kasih Leia Ixora Azhar
8. Nik Reanna Nik Halmey
9. Khong Ru Xiang      
10.  Intan Suraya binti Sabli
11.  Kong Yin Leng 
12.  Wafa Olei  
13.  Syakirah N Huzaimi
14.  Amy Dalilah Binti Jasni
15.  Nariza Alysa Azryn Binti Richard George Azlan
16.  Keverne Cham
17.  Lee Jing Mei  
18.  Fan Khai Jing
19.  Leng Yu Min
20.  Ooi Yi Rou
21.  Raja Zarifah Dina Mohar
22.  Tengku Kellysya Tengku Shah Marudin
23.  Puteri Nuralisya binti Mohd Nazri
24.  Aisyah Razanah binti Abdul Razak
25.  Sarah bt Sidqi Ahmad Said
26.  Sofiah bt Sidqi Ahmad Said
27.  Alia Maisara Binti Adenan
28.  Marsya Ali
29.  Aina Inarah Anwar
30.  Letisya Sulaiman
31.  Tharaa Sreenivasa
32.  Puteri Almaz Yazit
33.  Shazia bt Sazli
34.  Abhih Kirtthega

Brownie Girl Guides

1.     Kasih Iris Leona Azhar
2.     Inas Zulaikha Anwar
3.     Hanis Qaisara Binti Khairul Suffian
4.     Mia Lateefa Keyte
5.     Puteri Adriana binti Azzizi      
6.     Puteri Fateh Anisa Merican
7.     Nik Afeena Nik Ahmad Huznee
8.     Damia Farkhan Norhama
9.     Leng Foong Yen, Sophia
10.  Mira Eliyya Khaidi
11.  Nur Alina binti Hassan
12.  Syafiqah N Huzaimi
13.  Addeena Safeea Binti  Annuar Sofi
14.  Ida Syahirah bte Kamarudin
15.  Raina Edlyn Jasmine Mohammed Rhiza
16.  Harissa Adlin binti Halim
17.  Aisya Belle Sulaiman
18.  Khadra Mohd Azrul
19.  Ellya Keesha Zarif bt Ahmed Zaharani
20.  Nelysa Khadija binti Mohamed Nazrin
21.  Ayesha Elena Shah Zain Shah
22.  Nor Afra binti Sefex Afenday
23.  Rashdina Ayeesha Ramli
24.  Irisa Sofea binti Mohd Azman
25.  Wan Khadijah Akhtar Wan Shariffuddin
26.  Farah Yasmin bt Shahizan
27.  Hani Batrisyia bt Mohamad Rizal
28.  Hannah Tasi bt Mohamad Ibrahimnuddin
29.  Ida Shahira Muhammad Syarizal
30.  Nik Miti Safura bt Nik Rahmat
31.  Sarah Yasmin
32.  Sarrmiin Bala
33.  Sharifah Edila Shahabuddin
34.  Alysha Iman Zulkiflee
35.  Athena Teoh Sin Yee
36.  Dayini Farkhan Norhama
37.  Deshna Raj
38.  Farisya Faizal
39.  Hannah Marsya Mazli
40.  Harvynna Kaur Kler
41.  Ho Jackie
42.  Ikha Fatima Abdul Hakim Mordani
43.  Leng Foong Jeng Sarah
44.  Marsya Jehana bt Mohd Jehan
45.  Nia Selena Jeffrey
46.  Nik Nurmyra Nik Faruk
47.  Nik Sarah Heidi Nik Feizal Haidi
48.  Nur’Ain Baird
49.  Shabiella Ayuni Shari
50.  Suci Dareen Althea Shahrul Nizam
51.  Tihani Roslan
52.  Treya Isis Sanjeev
53.  Vanessa Chong Yi Wen
54.  Zara Anna-Camelia Teh Mohd Adrian
55.  Kadija binti Kamarulzaman
56.  Wan Hajar Wan Abdul Halim

Until the next session, stay tuned..


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