Did you know that you can completely change your body in just 8 weeks? 

Yes, it is true!! You can change your body through a better lifestyle. You can own your dream body and health by just changing your lifestyle. You can boost your confidence with a head turning, jaw dropping body. You will discover a hidden energy that you never knew you had.

Did you know that it will only cost you a few hundred ringgit to change your life?

Yes, that is right!!! Forget the thousands of Ringgit spent undergoing unnecessary liposuctions, thousands of Ringgit for personal trainers, thousands of Ringgit at slimming centres etc etc... DO NOT spend thousands of Ringgit for you to look good. You do not need to.

It will only cost you from as little as RM500.00 for 8 weeks inclusive of the 8 Week Challenge (8WC) fees (AUD$49.00) paid online if you purchase the Groupon Voucher for the 1 month at only RM49.00 at HERE. If you buy from Groupon, you will need to subscribe to another month from any of the listed promotion fees at HERE (for the 8WC- the Virgin promotion is not applicable). You must register for 2 months (or 8 weeks) to participate in the challenge.

Note: Groupon is only applicable for first time recruit and/or recruits that have not been training with Chief's Original Bootcamp for more than a year.

What do we get for the fees we paid?

1) 1 hour of Military Corporation training session, 3 times a week for 8 consecutive weeks.
2) Additional home workout program. Yes, you will get homework to do at home to optimize the result.
3) Eating plans and recipes for your daily food consumption.
4) You can start seeing results in just 2 weeks or money back guarantee!!

Is there any catch?
The ONLY CATCH is that the training space is very limited. To ensure the best of result, we have to limit the number of participants per platoon.

What do we need to do to participate?

All that you need to do now to get rid of those extra belly, wings, thigh and butt is to:
1) Register (and pay) for the 2 months session at HERE to secure your place
2) Register your interest to participate in the 8 Week Challenge at HERE.

Below are the schedule date of event:

- 11th Aug: Registration of Interest form goes live
- 23rd Aug: Registration Opens
- 29th Aug to 5th Sept: Before images & measurements to be uploaded
- 1st Sept: Challenge officially begins

- 24th Oct: Challenge officially ends
- 25th to 27th Oct: After images & measurements to be uploaded
- 28th Oct to 2nd Nov: Public Voting
- 3rd Nov: Semi-Finalists announced (Licensees vote on Finalists)
- 4th Nov: Finalists Announced (Judges vote on Champions)
- 6th Nov: Champions announced

*Tentative date for a group photo-shoot is on 25 October.

Stay Tuned for more updates!!