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It has been awhile since I blog on personal sentiments but I could not resist to blog this viral tagging to share on things I am grateful for, for the next 6 days (6 continuous days Zai!!). I love positive things. I do not know who started this but I truly believe it is a good and positive viral dare to share. Sometimes, we tend to walk passed beautiful things in life in our daily journey. Writing those grateful things we cherish is a good start to begin our day. Thanks for tagging me +Zai Johari !!! These are 3 grateful things shortlisted ~

1) There is seriously nothing more important than health! I am grateful for being healthy enough to take care of my own health, to be independent, to work and earn a living, to love and care for my parent, wife, son, siblings and friends. With health, I can afford to earn a good living for my family and provide comfort, employment to my team and staff as well as their families. I am also healthy enough to learn new things everyday, meet alot of interesting people and learn even more from them. I am grateful to be blessed with such a good health that I was able to performed my Haj and a few Umrahs and was able to visit, view and learn the cultures and lifestyle of foreigners in their countries. I am grateful everyday for a good healthy mind, body and soul and will take care of this health that was blessed upon me until my return to Allah swt. Yes, Health is my first choice of being grateful every morning that I never missed my morning workout session at the Chief's Original Bootcamp, Malaysia and weekend Bodyjam session to share my wife's passion.

2) I am grateful to be born with such a healthy, funny, caring and loving parent, brother, 4 sisters, four indescribably & equally special in-laws and a fabulous wife whom happily and naturally always put a smile on my face and took over a lot of my responsibilities at home which I inherited during my short tenure as a divorcee. Home is more cheerful, relax and cozy. I am also blessed to be given a healthy, funny and cheerful son which never fail to make me proud, smile and laugh. Allah swt has been kind to me with this luxury in my family ties. It would be alot to ask in my daily prayer but I want at least 4 children which I am praying and working hard for. I am envious of siblings and friends with big families. You all are truly blessed. Take care of those gifted gems. Yes, family is very important to me and I am grateful for having a great if not near perfect family. Alhamdulillah.

3) I am grateful for being trusted by family members, business partners and friends. I have a big family, alot of business partners, many friends, one wife and no girlfriends or mistress. Trust is something that is earned and not given. I am always scared to disappoint them and always have everybody's best interest at heart. There is no life without trust. Trust is a priceless jewel that if anyone can appreciate it, they will guard it with their life. Once when I was naughty in my teens, I lost my mother's trust when she caught me skipping school, smoking, fighting and breaking many girls heart who went to her crying. I had to work extremely hard thereafter to make amend but I had also perfected the art of not getting caught lol... but remember, there is no secret in this world and walls do speak. If your own parent and family does not trust you, no one else will! Not even your business partners, employees or friends. Success and happiness began at home.

There you go Zai Johary!! 3 grateful things that I truly cherish and treasure. Health, Family and Trust. Will check-in your facebook wall tomorrow for three more things that you are grateful for. Dont forget, you started this!! 

I now nominate not 2 but 5 people to share 3 grateful things daily for the next 6 days!! I am waiting impatiently to read yours Anny Chunraem, Aaraf Armin, +Rose Pahamin , , +FARHANAH BAMADHAJ , +Steven Path+Zai Johari , Alicia Khong (and Jackson Liew).

Stay tuned for second series tomorrow morning. HOOYAH!!


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