Did you know it takes more effort and facial muscle to frown than to smile? On that same note, please try out this exercise.. Smile as wide as possible with that cheerful facial expression !!! Now.. Try to be angry and upset with that smiley and cheerful face!! Trust me, you can try all day and all night but you wont be able to be angry in that facial expression. In other word, it is easier to be happy than to be upset and/or angry. Similarly, try waking up in the morning and list down on things that you are grateful... and see how beautiful the rest of your day will be.

Day 5 of Project Grateful... I am grateful to be nominated for this project by Zai Johari and I have nominated 14 friends for this wonderful effort. I will be nominating 4 others at the end of this blog. Two of them are married couple and I can guess which one of them two will write first.

1. Grateful to wake up and being served with fresh mix of nutritional juices made from the best selection of fresh vegetables with a Kuyin slow juicer, coffee and breakfast (of course lunch, dinner and supper too). Infact, it is not easy to eat and drink right. There are so many nutrition intake to plan and to have it prepared and served in the morning, takes a lot of patience and preparation. From doing the grocery, planning for menus to cook and the actual cooking itself.

2. Grateful to have the best Mac Powerbook and that synchronizes with iPhone for work and leisure. Seriously, we spend more time on either computer or iPhone whether to work, socialize, engaged in discussion, work, entertainment and even to connect with business, associate, family and friends. Yes, personal physical interaction is always preferred and is better but in the absence of time, with the hectic schedule + deadlines + meetings + appointments, computer and a good smart phone for work and leisure is what a car is, as a mean of transportation. It is a necessity.

3. Grateful to be in control of time. Yes sometimes, time can be so scarce but being able to be in control means, I can set aside some time for my family, personal things and work. Everything is about prioritizing and balancing quality time to notice my son's every development while he is growing up, to be there when the wife is bored (and sometimes lonely) and when the work pressure demands for attention can seriously be very tricky... like very tricky. We tend to lost control of time and if we did, it is time to take back the control deck!!

Today is another one of those very hectic day.. Meeting with auditors. Preparing for tomorrow's discussion with Singapore partners, replying to a few thousand emails (no joke), returning a few dozen phone calls and meant to be on a video conferencing. On top of that, had managed to convert the other half, Anny into a blogger to de-stress herself from her online business and housework. Have setup a blog for her.. Stay Tuned. 

But a promise is a promise, there you go +Zai Johari though time is of the essence, 3 grateful things on Day 5. Glad to read Aaraf's 3 grateful things today on his Facebook and Anny's. On day 5, I would like to nominate 2 colleagues in the automotive and another two friends whom are quite active on Facebook. If you accept the challenge (like most positive extrovert people would), you will need to write on Facebook 3 things that you are grateful for (I’m sure you can) for at least 6 consecutive days and nominate only 2 person for each days. Your list of gratitude can also be a sentence and does not need to be long.

 Sidik Hamid

Aswan Abdullah.

Kenanga Simon

Noorshahirah Abdullah 

So far, I've nominated Dr Malek Aziz, Anny Chunraem, Steven Path, Rose Emini Pahamin, Aaraf Pahamin Armin, Liew Jackson, Alicia Khong, Iznan Salleh, Ervin Noordin, Syerry Surya Noordin, Poh Ow Ee, Diyana Anuar, Al Jazzura and Salawati Mohd Yusoff.

Until the Day 6 or the last day of Project Gratitude, Stay Tuned. But like I say, I may just make this project a daily basis

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