I once attended this 'Walk On Fire' motivation talk by Anthony Robbins during my undergraduate studies in England some 20 years ago and there was this one exercise we did that I still hold strong. Try this out, stop with whatever you are doing, pull-over to the road shoulder if you are driving and quickly glance your surrounding wherever you are and focus in everything you can see that is in red and green for a maximum 5 seconds!!! ONLY FIVE seconds and now close your eye!! With eyes still close tight, now list down 10 items of everything that you see in blue and grey!! That is how we live our life. If we only see the wrongs and the hatred, it will be harder for you to see the great and goodness. Vice versa, if we see only the good and beauty in life, it is hard for us to even feel any hatred or anger.

My Project Gratitude began on Sunday, 14 September 2014 when I was tagged by Sasuke Malaysia founder +Zai Johari and I am now on my Day 4. From Day 1, I had nominated Anny Chunraem, Aaraf Armin, Rose Emini Pahamin, Dr Malek Aziz, Farhanah Bamadhaj, Steven Path, Jackson Liew, Iznan Salleh, Ervin Noordin, Pow Ow Ee, Syerry Noordin and Diyana Anuar. I am nominating 2 more at the end of this blog. 

1) Grateful that petrol price in Malaysia is so cheap comparative to our neighboring countries. I frequented Bangkok and would curse everytime at the petrol price in Thailand which is just so expensive. Sometimes I wonder how people in Thailand can afford to drive. Despite the expensive petrol, the traffic jam there is triple worst than the peak period. in Malaysia Similarly, having frequented  Singapore & Phnom Pehn for business, petrol prices there too, are just ridiculously expensive.

2) Glad that we have a national car to be proud of. Having traveled to various countries and being the no-salary and completely charitable President for the non-profit and non-governmental organisation Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia, I have heard various praises for our national car from various official representatives from foreign governments and foreigners (and a lot more from my fellow Malaysian). Sure there is alot more that Proton can improve but rest assure, there is no one that does not want to improve.

3) I receive many foreign guests, foreign friends and associates coming into Malaysia. Some were from my invitation for both business and pleasure. I am glad and grateful that we have the new Putrajaya government township, KLIA, KLIA2, Petronas Twin Tower, the new Johor checkpoint at Singapore causeway (especially this), the KL Tower, the new HRH Agung’s Palace at Jalan Duta and many other prominent buildings and skyscrapers. The Johor Bharu Checkpoint, KLIA and KLIA2 is like a women’s face to a man. It is the first impression on Foreigners when they arrive in Malaysia. The custom officers are now very friendly, all smiley and professional in liaising with tourist and Malaysian. Very frequently, I receive so many praises from foreign friends, business and associates on how they were impressed with Malaysia. Previously, I felt so embarrassed every time I drove back from Singapore passing our Johor Bharu custom check-point, we look so primitive compared to Singapore. All gateways into Malaysia must emulate Johor checkpoint (for road entry) and KLIA & KLIA2 for entry by flight.

I bet writing what we are grateful is abit harder than writing down what displeases us. Evidently, not so many takers (except from those that we already knew had the positive attitude towards everything) from those that I tagged in previous posts. Nonetheless, for Day 4, I nominate an old (not by age but by years of friendship) friend Al Jazura 

and a colleague at Proton Edar, Puan Salawati Mohd Yusoff. 

If you accept the challenge (like most positive extrovert people would), you will need to write on Facebook 3 things that you are grateful for (I’m sure you can) for at least 6 consecutive days and nominate only 2 person for each days. Your list of gratitude can also be a sentence and does not need to be long.

Until then, Stay tuned for Day 5. I am looking forward to read yours. 

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