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Do you have a bicycle? or motorcycle? If you do, please try this... pedal straight ahead while your head is turned as far left as possible. You will notice that your bicycle naturally turned left even when you try to cycle straight. The same way we drive our life. Our life follows whichever way we focus ourselves. Sometimes, we did not realize that we are driving ourselves in the wrong direction and wonder what went wrong. Waking up in the morning and being grateful of what life has offered and for whatever we have, will and can changed our perspective in life. We often read on Facebook how negative most of the Facebook updates are. This is day 2 of Project Gratitude that I was tagged by +Zai Johari . Click HERE, for project gratitude part 1. If you have been tagged, please update your Facebook with 3 things that you are grateful for the next 6 days. It does not need to be long but it must be consistent for 6 consecutive day. After you have updated your Facebook, please nominate a minimum of 2 person. Zai Johari whom tagged me, listed not 2 but 6 things in her grateful list for Day-2 and tagged not 2 but 3 friends. Let us get this positive effort to be as viral as possible. It is with minimal effort but with the kindest deed.

3 Grateful things to treasure on Day 2.

1) I am grateful that I am at Peace. Peace with almost everything in life. A peaceful mind is priceless. There is no value to a peaceful country, peaceful home and especially a peaceful mind without lies, deceits and vengeance. It's a priceless gift that we must treasure. I am at peace without insecurities from health and am at peace from being betrayed (by  anyone from business partners, employees, friends or even spouse). Everything that happens, happen for a reason. We are train to believe in the pillars of Iman and the 6th pillar is the belief in Qada' & Qadar (the divine will and the divine decree) but sometimes we tend to forget those teaching being sucked and drained deep into problems and emotional cycle. Peace is the root of happiness. Without being at peace, we tend to lose sight of every good & every blessings.

2) Grateful that there are so many places to eat anytime of the day, any days of the week. Similarly, we are surrounded Malls, chain stores, grocers to buy anything that we want to buy, things we want to service or anything we want to replace and everything is reasonably priced (compared to many other neighboring countries). For example, to service our cars, there are at least 20 workshop within 10km radius. To service any computer, there are service centers everywhere. To eat ?? Don't get me started or this blog will just be about food.

3) Grateful there is mobile phones & internet!! I can't imagine how we live half of our life without mobile phones & internet. During college, we had to stand for hours chatting (with girlfriend) on public phones by the roadside (at time, way past midnight). We were also so ill informed without real time or the latest information available on Google. I remember those years during period undergoing treatment for leukemia, I had to do my own research to get more information on leukemia (family and doctors were not as open to discuss it through) and the only source of research was my school library that was so outdated. In all those reference/text books available at school (printed in early 70s) on all type of leukemia, it wrote- the patient will die between 6 months to 3 years. Goodness!! Imagine the feeling?!! Courting gals was even tougher then!! Had to send notes through friend of friend and it will take 48 hours for a reply. A mail via post office will take 3 days for arrival and a reply, another 3 working days which means it will take a week for an immediate reply.

There you go, Day 2 of Project Gratitude done. I now nominate:

Iznan Salleh 

 and my cousin Ervin Noordin whom we practically went through the rebellious teens together.

Ervin Noordin and me during our teens
 Iznan & Ervin, please dont forget to tag me once you have updated on your Facebook and dont forget to nominate another two person. Stay tuned for Day 3.

Click HERE, for project gratitude part 1.


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