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8 Week Challenge began today, 4 February 2013 but if you have not yet registered, it is STILL NOT TOO LATE!! The deadline for measurement and pictures which is imperative for you to qualify as a challenger was extended for a few days just in case anyone encountered some issues. BUT be warned, you ABSOLUTELY want to take your photos before you start DAY 1 as you are going to notice a difference in as little as a day. That is a FACT.

So what are the Do's and Don't when taking pictures, Quoting Gunny Brabon below whom is not just a Master Trainer but she is also the Managing Director of Original Bootcamp, Australia (our principal) and the person responsible behind our Inferno diet.

"If you aren't sure of what is required - please look at the FAQ's at HERE so that you know exactly what we need for you to be eligible to stay in throughout the 8 weeks.

I have attached a sample sheet for you to this email - of some Typical BEFORE photos just so you know what isn't ok and what is....

SO item 1 - 3 below are big NO NO'S..... 4-6 are the good ones.....check out the photos.

Photo 1.....WOW - and yes I have seen WAY too many body parts in the photos submitted previously. Even a naked one.....It stung my retinas....We do not need to see your willy, so please put pants on. Even better, put your pants on and make sure we can't see anything you wouldn't show your grandmother.

Photo 2....NO SELFIES!!!!! I know that sometimes you want to do them on your own and don't want to ask somebody to take them for you - but its easy! Download a timer app for free on your Iphone and set it up at SHOULDER height. Not a selfie in the mirror. They won't be accepted guys, and you will be asked to re-submit.

Photo 3. NO POSERS! So we just want straight forward front, sides and a newspaper shot. Nice and simple.

Photo 4. PERFECT! clean background with no pictures on the wall!

Photo 5. This one is a little cropped but see the floor? its CLEAN! No dirty undies or plates that should be in the kitchen sink in the back ground please! Check your background and keep it clean.

Photo 6. Perfect side shot. Clean background and she isn't trying to stick her stomach out to make it appear bigger. We want you in a natural pose. Shoulders back, arms by your side.

You also need to do your measurements in CENTIMETERS....inches aren't any good for us -  we are metric!"

To upload your pictures and measurement, please click on the link ->

The the following page will then appear:

If you are not able to log-in, it means, your registration is pending approval (or pending some verification), please email and they will follow through your registration. Once you are able to log-in, move your cursor to "Edit" below and click on "Update your profile:

Then click on before (at page below) and fill in your measurement and upload your pictures!

When you are done, click on the update icon at the bottom (Please see Pic above). Now you are ready to Rawk & Roar!!! HOOYAH!!


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