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Thats it.. the end of the CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, 8 Weeks Challenge 2011!! The 8 Weeks Challenge began on 26 September 2011 and ended today 18 NOVEMBER 2011.
To remain in the competition, the AFTER shots MUST be uploaded by 11:59PM (Malaysia Time) this coming Sunday evening 20 November 2011.

What do we need to do before the photo-shoot? For you to look better on pictures, please find below 8 TIPS or 8 MUST do things before photo-shoot.

1. WAX! Gents – you can see muscles on your chest and abs a lot better if you do the deed and either shave on the morning of your photo – or go the whole hog and get waxed. Ladies – we know better than that and are always looking gorge.

2. FAKE TAN! - everybody looks better with a little brown. I don’t condone sunbaking...but a fake tan can do wonders for muscle definition and looking leaner in a photo. (Think like a body builder but don’t look like one! Especially not an orange tan! Just a light one to cover up the glare of the lily white skin).

3. Hair and make-up is encouraged – and SMILE! We Want your happy faces in the after shots. Have fun with it. No mug shots allowed! I personally loved the ones that got sent through at midway of somebody flexing their abs by giving the thumbs up. Cheeky and personality plus!

4. Take Asparagus! Asparagus is a natural diuretic? It helps rid your body of excess water. 

5. Watch your sodium and sugar intake from now – Really cut down on the salt!!! 

6. Drink Black Coffee and Green tea tomorrow as it will help you to “dry out” a little. Not enough to dehydrate you, but enough to show muscle definition. 

7. To make sure our supporters and team members can vote for you, please Choose from a drop down menu to confirm your location. 

(To do this, Log in at HERE, and the from the edit menu, choose “update your profile”, then click Challenger Profile, and then towards the bottom of the page you choose your state, and your training location from the drop down menus. This was the only way for us to fix the problem of people having not written the training grounds the same way. Then CLICK UPDATE!!)

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as this will be used to choose ONE winner for each platoon namely ONE WINNER for BU-Alpha, BU-Bravo, USJ1-Alpha, USJ1-Bravo, DH-Zulu.

8. LOG-IN to your 8WC to check that you still have/remember your Username & Password. If you forgot your username and password, it may be too late to request. To log on click HERE. Please try to log in now. Once you are logged-in, quickly select your the platoon that you are training under (item 7 above) even if you have not taken your pictures.

9. Although the 8WC ends to day!! PLEASE DO NOT BREAK YOUR DIET JUST YET.. Until the photo-shoot!! We want you to look your best!!!

If we cannot win the RM15,000 Grand Prize money, one of us will be a winner in our platoon. To make sure there is no error in uploading the pictures and measurement, we are pleased to offer our place at BUSTANU PAHAMIN to photo-shoot and measure all Challenger.
Since we are all gathering for photoshoot, we invite all other recruits too for a POT-LUCK brunch cum October mini-graduation at 9am on SUNDAY 20th November!!. Apology for the last minute notification but heck.. we are forever ready for you. The theme is as per Colin Chong Wern Loong's suggestion: "WEAR YOUR OLD CLOTH" to see your changes since 8WC/ joining COBC. For those that needs direction to my house, please sms 0173795988 OR 012-3145665. If you have any notebook or laptop computer, please bring them along and help out with the uploading! See you all tomorrow!!



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