It was a quiet morning at Bandar Utama until the Chief's Original Bootcamp session began. Somehow, I knew Mohamad Fazli, Andy Wong and Chee Ping purposely allow us to overtook them to get a total of 90 Grunts in a session that toned our chest muscle, legs, abs and legs!! As if that was not enough, after the session they add another 10 Grunts to make it 100 Grunts and they say I am kiasu? But that is what it takes to be a winner. Last year, Mohamad Fazli was the Malaysia Champ for best physical transformation at Australia's 8 Week Challenge.

Less than two (2) weeks ago, Chief and Gunny Brabon from the Original Bootcamp, Australia (Chief Original Bootcamp licensor) threw the challenge again to everyone for a total physical re-branding in just 8 weeks for only AUD29.90 (for current recruit or AUD$59.90 for non-OBC/COBC)! This is the third year that Chief and Gunny Brabon threw the challenge and even throw in a Grand Prize of RM15,000 to be won by recruit with the best physical transformation subject to those recruits being trained at COBC for the whole 8 weeks period. Yes, that is how confident COBC is about its program. 

What can you expect to get at the end of 8 weeks? Result guarantee!!

Beside winning the Grand Prize of RM15,000 there will also be a Malaysia winner that will win RM3,000 (in New Balance Voucher) and a pair of the latest Vibram Spyridon worth RM489. There will also be a winner from each selected locations. 

What else can you expect to get at the end of 8 weeks? Yes.. A picture is worth a thousand words. See for yourself. Kym Mountstephen, trained at Chief's Original Bootcamp Damansara Heights platoon, 8 weeks Challenge 2011 finalist. 

There are more than 500 recruits that participated in the challenge and only 70 from Malaysia. Kym Mountstephen is back taking part again in this year Challenge and how is she progressing? Stay Tuned!!

The Chief's Original Bootcamp is where ordinary people achieved extra-ordinary result. For more information, click here.

Stay tuned for more transformation pictures of recruits. Hopefully we can have 1 transformation picture a day until the end of the challenge. HOOYAH!!