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I attended for the third consecutive year the ALLIANZ Franchise convention 2011 that was held in Bandung, Indonesia. Click HERE for last year's convention that was held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The all expenses paid by ALLIANZ saw 200 franchisee flew to Sabah in a few batches and the last group arrived at the Husein Sastranagar International Airport, Bandung on 26 May 2011.

Together in Bandung, Indonesia were PEDA Vice-President Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, PEDA Secetary-General Jeff Lim Si Heong and Vice-President (R) Razak Aziz. We were greeted and transported by 5 luxury coaches to the pre-booked Hotel Hyatt Regency, Bandung. An escapade, excursion cum work.........

(Click on picture to enlarge)

The streets were decorated with ALLIANZ BUNTINGS to welcome our group to the shopping heaven & sinful food fiesta.

The soonest the delegates arrived, they were pampered with FOOD...


Mohd Taib Jamin from Bayangan Dinamik Sdn Bhd

Abu Lais Walli Mohamed..  never say no to food..

A hospitality Desk was prepared to distribute the ALLIANZ CONVENTION 2011 UNIFORM that was specially designed by SAZALI WAHAB, the Organising committee Chairman cum organiser.

The ladies proudly presenting the ALLIANZ CONVENTION 2011 OFFICIAL UNIFORM!!! For the first time, a badge was designed on ALLIANZ customary mandarin neck and long sleeve to prepare against Bandung's moody weather.

Spotted Tuan Haji Razak Aziz, PEDA VICE PRESIDENT (R).

The schedule was packed!!! Upon arrival, the delegates gathered at 3pm for a briefing and uniform distribution before proceeding with a high-tea function followed by dinner function at Bukit Pakar.

The restaurant too was conquered by ALLIANZ.. Allian buntings were splashed and display at every corner and along the whole street

Before we could smell and touch the yummilicious food prepared, we had to bear the opening speech by the German Chief Sales Officer Mr Horst Herman Habbig.

Horst did not bore us with a long winding speech but a straight to the point short and concise note which frankly says.. THANK YOU for the strongest support extended to ALLIANZ... Horst short but powerful speech made us all hungry for........ err food.

We were entertained by live-band!!

I was seated with Horst Habbit, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Razak Aziz, Jeff Lim Si Heong and Fahmy Abdullah.

Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Horst Habbit, Abu Lais Walli Mohamed, Razak Aziz

The restaurant at Bukit Pakar bears a stupendous view of the town.


Part of the agenda, beside the endless seminars and talks was the SHOPPING TRIPS!!! We went out on a 5 buss convoy......

Our 'life' was saved by mother nature..... I cant imagine the 'damage' if there were no storm.. Due to the storm, the shopping-spree was interrupted. 

Even ALLIANZ Chief Executive Officer Zakri and Chief Sales Officer left empty handed without any shopping.. 

Now.. back to the classroom for more seminars and talk...


Special guest for the convention, ALLIANZ INTERNATIONAL youngest Chief Operation Officer Sean Wang Wee Keong.

Sean Wang Wee Keong

Andrew Sim

Kannasen Govindaraju & Muthusamy Veerappan

Sazali Abdul Rahman
Sazali Abdul Rahman, Zakri Khir, Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Horst Herman Habbig, Sean Wang Wee Keong

Jeff Lim Si Heong, Andrew Sim, Armin Baniaz Pahamin
Zakri Khir, Allianz Chief Executive Officer
Zakri Khir... "This is the first time that ALLIANZ or any General Insurance Company that had organised an oversea trip as an unprecedented reward for the franchise business".

Armin Baniaz: "Yes.. that is why we are with ALLIANZ.. its the best.. *Wink...."

Horst Herman Habbig, Allianz Chief Sales Officer

Armin Baniaz Pahamin, Zakri Khir, Razak Aziz, Sean Wang Wee Keong

Sazali Abdul Rahman, Allianz Head Of Franchise

Before the day ended, there were some award presentation!!!

Even won some award!!!!

Stay tune for the CASINO ROYALE DINNER!!!!!! the Finale!!!

For list of participants and the Casino Royale dinner.... click HERE for part 2.

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