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Chapter 1: The Departure
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After a five days working trip to Bangkok, I came back and had to leave again to Kota Kinabalu for the 2012 Allianz Annual Convention, an event that I simply could not say no to. Allianz No 1, Chief Executive Officer, some Head of Departments to the branch officers were akin of an extended family. Nonetheless, more than half of those delegates were Proton Edar dealers network which of course, I would not want to miss the opportunity to have some engagement with them. Abit exhausted from the lack of sleep and rest, I rushed to KL Sentral at 7:00am having browsed through the itinerary that read: Team E departure at KLIA, to gather at 8am.
At KL Sentral, I tried to check-in my luggage without avail when the ground crew at the Malaysia Airline counter said, my name was not registered?!  It turned out, Allianz gave me an outdated intenary with the wrong information but I managed to reach LCCT on time after paying RM50 for budget taxi from KLIA to LCCT which I felt was exorbitant. Our flight was delayed for almost an hour which was a blessing in disguised. What was even better, Allianz did not just provided us an with an all expenses paid trip with a budget of almost RM1million for a 3 days gatherings but Allianz also gave us the aircraft with dad's iconic frame.... ok that was a make-belief but we have no complain. With many friends around, for the first time, I manage to pose with the aircraft.

(There are almost 1000 pictures in this write-up alone. So it may take awhile to open the blog)

(Click on picture to enlarged)

Although abit delayed but we eventually took off and
TOUCHDOWN a moment later...

Chapter 2: The Arrival

We were greeted by the aborigines in traditional Sabahan culture..

Most importantly... we were greeted by Sazali Abdul Rahman Allianz Head of Franchise cum Chairman and organiser for Annual Convention on almost every year.

but not all were as lucky as our group, some in the other group were only greeted by the aborigines without Sazali!!

 On our arrival, we registered and collect this year's custom-made uniform!!

At the registration, we collect our 2012 uniform (which was tailor-made and designed by in-house fashion extraordinaire, Allianz team themselves) and Allianz 10 years anniversary stamps!! Allianz have its own stamp!! Can you beat that? I think that was really cool eh! 

We then left for pre-prepared buffet lunch

Spotted!! The who's who behind Allianz.. Zakri, Andrew, Horst and Rafliz.

Chapter 3: Meeting!!

After lunch, we all start our class room discussion!! Meeting after food really cannot be friends but then, there is no such thing as free lunch!!

The Masters of Ceremony.. the man himself; Sazali Abdul Rahman

There were four speakers..

The first was Zakri Khir, Allianz Chief Executive Officer

Then Horst Habbig, Allianz Head of Sale.

Sazali Abdul Rahmad, Head of Franchise

Third, Rafliz Ridzuan!!

Fourth, NorShafinaz.. 
the only torn among the roses

In between sessions there were... er... makan lagi!!

After the award presentation, we err.. camwhore abit!!

And went for an outdoor group photo!! But it did not workout well!! Aiiyak!!!

err.. Dont asked me what Tajul and Sazali were doing..

Chapter 4: Seafood Dinner

After the meeting, we had an hour to get ready for the next function!!! MAKAN!! again..... Trip with Allianz is all about makan, makan, makan..... of course thats my department!!

The food was extraordinary!! finger licking good!!!

Of course the above were only a quarter of the full menu but we were too engrossed into the food that we forgot to take picture.

Chapter 5: Entertainment

After dinner that lasted almost midnight, we retired for the day. 
The next day was all entertainment but me alongside a few others had to stay back at hotel for some discussion. What did we miss.....? yes.... This ->


At night was the peak of the event!! 
A Rock Superstar night!!

CHapter 7 a) Camwhoring station!!!

There was a real stage and a camwhoring stage!!
and so everybody camwhore!!!

Chapter 7 (b) Signature Board
There was also a signature board!!!

Chapter 7 (c) Tattoo Station

No rocker is complete without tattoo!! 

Chapter 7 (d) Posing & Candid

Chapter 7 (e) Inside the Dinner Hall

Some people still cannot stop camwhoring!!

There were Rocker dancers

The night began!!

The Masters of Ceremony!!

Opening speech by Allianz Chief Operating Officer Rocker 
Sean Wang Wee Keong

The band was so good everybody was hypnotized. The rock ballads brought us all back during our Rocker days!!

In between songs, they continued with award presentation.

Then they continued with more performances...

With all the camwhoring.. little did we know that there was a Best Camwhore award??!!! 
and guess who won???

Yours truly!!!

With Abu Lais Walli Mohamad

Food were tabled serve and so was the desserts and drink but there was also counter for free flow desserts and drinks.

There were various award presentation in between concerts

The concert continues...

The crowd was hypnotized and some audience wanted to jumped out but was too shy to start dancing. So the sat politely... 

Slowly they began to loosen up!!

but was still very polite and tamed!!!

So I decided to stand up and dance to 
get the ball rolling!!

a moment later, everyone went wild...

especially and when our friend began to sing...

We left back to KL the next day!! On behalf of everyone, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Allianz especially Sazali Abdul Rahman, the Organising Committee Chairman, Zakri Khir, Horst Habbig, Rafliz Ridzuan, Sean Wang Wee Keong and others for the best trip ever.
Until next year.. now got to work hard to ensure we qualified, Stay Tuned.


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